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Published 5 years ago with 30 Comments

Where do you buy your games? Online or at your local shop?

  • This can be either for video games or board games. Do you have a nice local shop, or do you plan visits to a nearby city to find new games? Is the Internet more convenient for you?


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  • Splitfish

    For PC games usually online on Steam. There's always good deals and the download rate is quick. It just sucks when a game is 50 GB in size.

  • caelreth

    I don't buy many games, but the ones I've bought lately have mostly been on Steam.

  • Crator

    I buy all old school games from a local used game store near me. Any newer ones I buy online.

  • Apocafist

    Mostly Steam for PC games. I try to buy from mom and pop shops whenever I do buy games. Amazon or Ebay for those harder to find items. Don't use Amazon as much since they've botched my order a few times. The big reason I used to like to use them was the extra $10 or $20 you'd get back via credit. I used it to buy more games usually. But they stopped doing that. Got burned a couple of times at Gamestop so I stopped using them altogether. Plus those lousy stickers that won't come off from used games are so annoying. But on a very rare occasion I like to stop in and check what they have.

  • ttubravesrock

    I keep an eye on kickstarter for new board games. For games I've already tried I stick to a local shop.

  • ObiWanShinobi

    I buy online entirely. I don't actually have a disc drive on my pc. The internet is so convenient. Pretty sure I'd order everything off it if I could afford the postage.

  • PrismDragon

    I pretty much buy/obtain my games from online venues, whether it be from Steam, Origin, Amazon, or other services.

  • TheSilverTaco

    I like having a hard copy of games. I play on the Xbox One and I got the Gamer's Club Unlocked at Best Buy which gives me 20% off all new games I get. Sometimes they offer a $10 certificate if you pre-order the game which is nice. Amazon is cool too if you have a Prime membership, sometimes you can get games for a decent price when they have a sale. 2 day shipping is pretty awesome.

  • CSargeP

    As a kid I had an awesome used games shop but these days on PC it's almost all digital. Even with my handhelds and PS3 almost all my games are digital.

  • paperplainjane

    I buy old games (I collect pS1 and 64) on Ebay or at quirky collector shops. I usually buy new games from chain stores as I like to have the cover. It's silly but it does feel nice to physically open something when you pay $80 for it.

  • tehdiplomat

    I've mostly given up on Kickstarter for board or video games, unless I know designer/publishers behind it. I buy pretty much all my video games all online (either Steam or Amazon). Occasionally I'll buy board games locally if I need something immediately, but for the most part I get from CoolStuffInc or other large board game retailer online.

  • NinjaKlaus

    The Salvation Army usually carries a few board games but I quit buying them due to missing pieces. Ebay is usually the best place for them as well as video games. Sometimes I get the Amazon "Refurbished" games as well. I just found that I can get more for less by using the internet than say a Gamestop. Although if you're feeling risky Craigslist sometimes has fair deals.

  • the7egend

    Amazon, I don't buy digital because I like having a physical collection.

  • i208khonsu

    Online, always online. Physical media is so 2003.

  • sixstorm

    I am primarily a PC gamer, so I buy everything via Steam/GMG.


    On PC: Steam, Origin and GoG. The service depends on the price of the game, I don't really have that much of a preference.

    On PS4: almost always PSN, because I can download from wherever.

    On Xbox: Usually EBGames or Bestbuy

  • HorseFD

    I buy games digitally unless there's a significant discount for getting a physical release.

  • Jubatus

    I always buy digital keys online since at least 3 year now. ( Kinguin, allkeyshop,... )

  • thirdmuse

    I like the freedom of purchasing games online. I have a terrible habit of losing things and owning things digitally helps with that a lot.

  • Nikolis

    We have a local shop here that I'd buy cards/board games from, as well as comics occasionally. I'll most likely use Game Stop to grab a console game, but otherwise order PC games online (mostly via Steam). I can't remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a PC game, and since my last PC build a few years ago, I don't even have a cd/dvd/bluray drive.

  • Distinguished

    Steam and amazon. Why would I go outside my house?

  • RedWolfe

    I've used both, but I heavily purchase online now.

    There is a local store who will deliver the games to your house (within a certain area). Luckily I have family in that area. His prices are the best I've seen.

  • redsutter

    I mostly buy physical copies off Amazon, since Gamestop overcharges

  • Ralid

    I'm buying games less, and less at my local game stores since PC gaming has become much more appealing to me over time. The only problem is getting a computer to play all the games I want, seeming as moneys pretty tight right now.

  • casuallynoted

    Amazon for me, that or Steam if Steam is cheaper.

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