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Published 5 years ago by CatLady with 3 Comments
  • This is one of the most nerdy cool things I've come across. When clicking on a vessel icon you can find out all sorts of information: what type of vessel it is (fishing, research, passenger, military, etc), where it is registered, status (at anchor, moored, underway, etc), destination and ETA, speed, length/breadth and draught, nearby vessels. So much information! There are even pictures of the vessels (usually).


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  • ishana (edited 5 years ago)

    Those ships that sail on land... I should get myself one of those :D

    Edit : I think I know why, but I am not really sure, The map is not updated, there is a new canal that was built but still not publicly opened.

    • CatLady

      Oh dear ... land yachts! :) When was the new canal built? I'm sure you're right and the map just needs to be updated.

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