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Published 7 years ago by Burt with 7 Comments

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  • Civil

    I really like the idea of this. Should help the queue times on servers who have a pretty significant population imbalance, which seems to becoming more and more common.

    There's definitely going to be the possibility for people to troll when they're on the other faction's team. Hopefully that isn't something that happens too often, though.

    • Kento

      Piggy backing off this comment. Really great idea, however I think that this is a feature that should have been in the game long before now. Wargames have been around for a good chunk of time now and that allows for the same faction to fight itself. Why had they not introduced this type of matchmaking in around the same time, specially when the queue times on servers were the worst?

      Makes me wonder if they are trying to judge the population's reaction based on this for future content and maybe dissolving the walls between the horde and alliance. Heck the over arching theme I see in most of the stories is the races trying to find a common ground to work together, and if the playerbase themselves like being a Human but for the horde, I think we may end up seeing the restrictions lifted. All speculation and food for thought.

      • Civil

        I believe they did it because they wanted to keep the line between Horde and Alliance clear and set. For a long time there was (and for some still is) an strong feeling of allegiance towards one side. Working with the other faction was blasphemy.

        This sort of thing has gone on a decline lately and you'll find more and more people who have no problem double dipping (having main characters on both sides of the line), which allows them to implement something like this with little risk. I think if they propositioned this during Vanilla/BC/Wrath, there would have been FAR more backlash than they are seeing now.

        • Kento

          Backlash then would have occured for sure. But with the introduction of the Pandarian race which gets the option of choosing which faction, and with this new addition of mercenary mode, it seems that possibly in the near future depending on of course multiple things such as story, mechanics, population may just end up having an option to allow for Humans to be horde and orcs to be alliance.

          Ulitimatly that is the nature of what WoW is becoming these days. Gone are the days of comradarie for both factions, for pvp and to some extent pve (Only saying that depending on passives that races get, but that would cater to the people who min-max, and that would be a whole different arguement I would think).

          Now I can not come out and say that the code for this new feature was already in place for when they came out with War Games, but what it is doing underneath the hood, which would most likely be flipping a value in the database, which would have been introduced with War Games was in place. Which leads me to think that all this is, War Games with added matchmaking. How ever that leads even further down the line of what even took so long for that? Arena has had match making against the same faction for years. The whole introduction to the feature is great! But at the same time leaves more to be sought after.

          • Civil

            I think it all started in Cata when green Jesus really started to rise to power. Rather than having the Alliance and Horde fighting each other while also trying to stop the big baddy, both sides relied on Thrall. Then again in Pandaria, while there was a 'war', it was made into just a way to fuel the big baddy and they really hammered the, 'We must stop fighting each other and work together' shtick.

            I don't see WoD ending any differently.

  • Burt

    Here's a good write up from a user from Reddit.

    For those unaware, currently the PvP scene is dominated by Alliance, the top few thousand players are 95% Alliance, and about 65% human. With Horde players being in the double digits. This all started a few years ago when racial abilites got reworked, notably the humans gained 'Every Man for Himself', which breaks ANY form of Crowd Control (Stuns, roots, polymorph, etc). This meant that whilst every other race would have to use one of two trinket slots to do the same thing, humans were free to use BOTH trinket slots for damage orientated trinkets as the anti-CC and EMFH racial shared the same cooldown.

    A lot of people claim that the racial alone won't win you games, which is true for casual play, where it becomes a case of skill or whoever spent more time gear grinding in extremely casual play. but the top plkayers, those that want every edge possible, were practically forced to go human. The fans of these players also went human to mimic them. As more people went Alliance, Horde players gradually struggled to get decent partners for arena teams or battlegrounds, as all the players that wanted to be the very best had made humans. This led to -more- people re-rolling Alliance, not for the racial, but just to have decent players to play with. This point simply rinses and repeats, as more and more Horde moved sides just to be able to have competent partners.

    Since Mists of Pandaria, the last expansion, this had begun reaching dangerous, game affecting levels, but in WoD it's straight up become critical mass. On one hand, the Horde gets instant queues into Battlegrounds and Arena, but their winrate has become 30% between the US and EU, and on Alliance, queue times go from 15 minutes to 40 for a BG, and over an hour for Ashran (The open PvP zone).

    In the past, people have always whinged that X faction was dominating, but at best the ratio was 60-40 or thereabouts. not ideal but not unplayable. Now however, with a monstrous amount of faction imbalance across the globe, not just one region, both sides are having their enjoyment hampered. Some more short-sighted idiots love to go all "Whoo Alliance time to shine cuz Horde always dominated lelelel XD". Now ignoring the fact the ratio never broke 60:40, it's worth noting that while there was mild imbalance leaning towards the Horde in the US, the EU has always been Alliance biased. So I myself have never had a moment where the Horde had the numerical upperhand. And even then, the 90% and over ratio is just absurd.

    Onto this... "fix".

    It's a band aid, nothing more, and it might not even fix anything. Until I know how it works, all I can assume is that Horde players will play as Alliance for the easy wins, and Alliance... probably won't budge, because they win the vast majority of matches (In my experience, 20 matches on either faction since the last patch, Alliance won 20/20, Horde won 1/20. Other players have reported similar cases. Basically Alliance have to wait much longer but are almost guaranteed a win. Horde player morale is also rock bottom, as soon as things go wrong, people just say 'gg' and AFK, or go 'Welcome to Horde' -then- AFK). I mean... why would the Alliance be Horde? Quick queue times followed by a rapid loss?

    If anything, this fix will make Alliance queues -longer-, as everyone still playing Horde will just jump over for the easy wins, more than likely, and the OP human racial which Blizz...

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    • IAmAWizard

      Honestly it sounds more like they'll allow you to queue randomly into Horde or Alliance.

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