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Published 4 years ago with 3 Comments

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  • Wenjarich (edited 4 years ago)

    It's so bazaar to see where the norms used to lie. I just watched a film based even earlier in time than this article and it absolutely blew my mind that it was considered the norm to simply walk up to a woman and ask if she would marry you without even holding a proper conversation first (although I am aware films are fictional depictions). I just found myself thinking that I can't even imagine wanting to marry someone who I don't even know if their personality would match with my own. Similarly when I look at this questionnaire that suggests that being a career woman is wrong, I'm baffled, because I would never insist my wife be a stay at home wife, as I would want my wife to be happy doing what she wishes to do, just as I would hope she would want for me. Otherwise how could I claim to love her.

    I'm not naive enough to assume that I would be different in those days to everyone else, I'm sure I would be just as indoctrinated as the next person. It's just so strange to try imagine being happy in such a different situation, especially one that puts such huge confinement on someone you supposedly love.

    • BlueOracle

      It is always strange to read or watch something from some time ago and have the innuendo be so striking. It's unsettling because it makes me wonder what I'm missing now, and I'm sure it's a lot. Understanding is kind of a trap of its own, as it's hard to see beyond or around our own assumptions. I like to think things are better now, and it seems they are in many ways, but I wonder what I'm not seeing.

      What film was it that you watched, if you don't mind my asking? Do you watch a lot of old films?

      • Wenjarich

        I completely know where you are coming from with regard to wondering what we aren't seeing now. I often amuse myself by trying to imagine what future generations will think back and say. "Those people were such barbarians, can you imagine they used to physically wipe there own arses?" or something like that hahaha

        It wasn't an old film but rather a film set in older times. It was a film called "Far from the madding crowd" it is also apparently a very popular book, but I had not heard of it before. I don watch old movies though if they come well recommended.

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