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Published 7 years ago by BlueOracle with 13 Comments

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Shallow Dives (Web Exclusive)

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  • wolfeater

    As much as I love John Oliver's in depth journalistic segments, its great to see him just do some straight up hilarious comedy from time to time as well, without a larger (usually enraging) issue hanging over the segment's comedic lines.

    • Kerwin15

      He is a pretty funny dude.

    • Rothulfossil

      A lot of the time, the two don't mix very well. He's very good at the journalistic rant, and he's also a funny comedian. In his segment on revenge porn, however, a lot of the jokes he'd inject completely took away from the enraging topic at hand. I get that it's a comedy show, but I don't think he's quite found his footing on balancing the comedy with the issues.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Kerwin15

    That head bob thing he does makes him look like an excited cockatoo.

  • WhereDidIt

    God I love not having to use RES anymore. Snapzu is my new home page!

    • zaywolfe

      It really is better. Crazy that I didn't even know this existed a week ago.

    • blue2501

      I do miss being able to expand an image or video directly from the front page.

      • september0n

        Me too. Does anyone know if this feature is going to be implemented?

        • eruditojones

          Eventually, probably, yeah. Thing is, you guys have signed on around and about year zero. Things are just starting and you guys have come along. It's pretty cool.

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