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Published 3 years ago with 3 Comments
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  • Electrickery

    That's an interesting piece - I think it's the allure of a physical product that keeps the zines alive, as opposed to e-zines. I was involved in a small group which did some self-publishing long ago, and there's an immense sense of satisfaction in handling a finished product. There does seem to be a much stronger 'zine culture in the U.S. and Canada ( due to far flung places and the need to communicate across larger distances ? ) Here in the u.k., it centres around very localised 'scenes' be it music, politics etc. I don't know how international it was, but 'mail art' was quite big here for a time, too.There was a ' roundup' zine ( Zum! ) here in the uk, much like 'Broken Pencil' - I'm inspired to go see if it's still around ! Thanks for posting, BlueOracle !

    • BlueOracle (edited 3 years ago)

      You're very welcome, /u/Electrickery! Thanks for the link. That's a very relevant and facinating article. I agree with the author that traditional graphic design can be boring, and it's nice to just go wild and not worry about how 'good' something is. I had never heard of the "décollage" movement, but now I want to know more about it. I've made zines and collaborated by mail and phone on creative projects. It is very satisfying to make something by hand, no doubt. I think that is the key to zines survival; the enjoyment of creating something by hand and the unique pleasures of having a phisical object to share.

      Feel free to join /t/zines if you like (and haven't already). I try to add content, mostly zine news, with some regularity. It is a bit odd perhaps to have an online 'tribe' about zines since they're defined by their physicality, but I enjoy it nonetheless. You're of course welcome to add any zine related articles, or zine related anything, that you may come across to /t/zines. Take care! :)

      • Electrickery

        I certainly shall join - I am guilty of assuming that no-one would ever think of such a thing, and therefore I'd probably have to set it up myself , ahem... I stand corrected!

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