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Published 5 years ago by Autumnal with 2 Comments

RiFF RAFF - iNTRODUCING THE iCON [Psychedelic Hip Hop]

One of my favorite artists. Don't think "Novelty Act", you'll be doing yourself a disservice. Think "A tall glass of concentrated pop culture mixed with a dash of Kool Keith, Ecto Cooler ice cubes floating on top in a Lisa Frank double cup"


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  • LoboPreto

    RiFF RAFF had to grow on me. I've come a long way from outright dismissing him completely. Although the song you posted was okay in my opinion his Judo Chop "Freestyle" is probably the best thing he's put out. That and I Shoulda Won a Grammy featuring Action Bronson. His flow just seems mostly well put together for once in those tracks and isn't all over the place as per usual. I will say this though where he lacks in lyrics/flow department he more than makes up for it by being an excellent entertainer and personality.

    • Autumnal

      Judo chop has the nastiest beat, he chooses the most incredible producers

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