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  • ttubravesrock

    That was the best article I've read in a while! Thanks for sharing.

    I really hope that our society changes for the better (racism, sexism, whatever) while at the same time putting a stop to all bullying, whether it's victim-bullying or cyber-bullying or any other kind of bullying. These rally organizers are, for lack of a better term, terrorists.

    Like terrorists, they feel (usually rightly so) that they have been treated poorly by another group of people.

    Like terrorists, their modus operandi alienates them from people who might have been sympathetic to their cause.

    Now, these terrorists may get some of the things they want. People will lose their jobs.

    However, they will get their wish not because others want to help them, but because they want to figure out how to stop them.

    We shouldn't make change because we are afraid of what will happen if we don't.

    We should make change because we see the plight of others and want to help.

    I really hope that these movements stay [relatively] peaceful and nobody gets seriously injured or killed.

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