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Published 8 years ago by Appaloosa with 9 Comments

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  • Kalysta (edited 8 years ago)

    I actually really like this idea for elderly people who need a companion, but who can't really take care of another living creature. Not just elderly people in nursing homes, but ones who live alone as well. As a vet, some of my saddest moments are having to euthanize the last companion (dog or cat) of an elderly person who we know just lost their spouse. And who may not have family that visits that often. Many of them swear they'll never get another animal after the euthanasia, because it's too hard for them emotionally. And many of them at that point are having trouble cleaning up after the animal, remembering to feed them, or worse, giving them medications if they get sick. This is a perfect idea. It's a robot so it doesn't eat, sleep, have to use a litterbox. It can't trundle between their legs, risking tripping a person stuck with a walker or cane. And it won't die. Also, the elderly person doesn't have to worry about who's going to take care of their pet if they pass before it does. I've seen where that becomes a huge problem when family members are allergic, or dislike animals. Or worse when they want the animal euthanized to "go with them."

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