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Published 1 year ago with 8 Comments

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  • Appaloosa (edited 1 year ago)

    Elizabeth Warren walks into a restaurant with her family. She is met at the door by the maitre d Donald Trump. He asks if she has a reservation.

  • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

    Looks like Jonathan Turley's dressing up as "cultural appropriation" for Halloween this year. Solid choice.

    Nothing's quite as spooky or as ooky as the possibility that some black or brown person, that Turley made up out of whole cloth as a "composite character" may have an opinion about something else which Turley also contrives out of nothingness, which as he mansplains to us here, makes them the "real" racists.

    Why are we stooping to Turley now? Is George Will back to writing about baseball again? No? At least his claimed enemies exist.

    • Appaloosa

      Ha ha...I should have looked at the author,...Turley! But honestly, I'm not a big fan of the cultural appropriation angle I mean really, there are plenty of instances of false outrage.. The example you posted is a good reminder of how bad things were an accepted norm., but I'm not sure donning a Mexican Sombrero on a Chinese, or a Polynesian Moana dress on a white girl is in the same league.

      • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

        Turley doesn't think so, but then he apparently thinks Pocahontas is just another Disney princess. You know, like Pollyanna. So we should probably look elsewhere for our New Century thought-leadership. Turley has to conjure up his demon "cultural appropriation" with rhetorical tricks that would be downmarket at a dollar store. Again with the so brave takedown of political correctness that is, hypocritically enough, yet another flavor of reheated political correctness hash and cold, runny eggs. We don't need Turley, and we don't need his cautions against these uppity darkies that don't know their place. Because "cultural appropriation" is covered under a more basic rule — maybe don't go out of your way to be an ignorant dick so much. Maybe there are times and places and settings in which Turley's taste in costumery and runaway cultural stereotyping are grossly offensive. He doesn't know. He doesn't have to. Because as he so smugly points out here, that's his privilege.

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