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Published 6 months ago with 6 Comments

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  • Appaloosa

    Switched this week...well that sure foretells long term stability.

    • Maternitus

      In an ever expanding digital realm it sure is wise to look into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole. I have been talking to a fellow artist about this and she agreed on the fact that it would make business way faster, more secure and more hassle-free. I added the idea that blockchain can actually authenticate an artwork by adding data about the work to the payment or certification, as an extra autograph on the painting, so to say. Also on exhibitions it is way easier to auction off pieces, without disturbing the actual showing, for instance and it can make bidding more binding, which would be a nice feature, I'd say.

      • Appaloosa (edited 6 months ago)

        Sure , provenance, but only starting from the digital age onwards. I am sceptical of any longevity of digital. There is absolutely nothing tangible about it and millions of ways to get hacked out of your digital holdings. I have no doubt that a digital war will happen....and when that electrical system the whole thing relies on gets fried, or a devastating Ebola like digital virus breaks out, what will people be left with? Nothing.

        • Maternitus (edited 6 months ago)

          To me digital equipment is like a hammer or a brush. If it doesn't function, I change the tool to something better or an alternative. There is no alternative to digital (well, yes, analog, but not without going back in time), but within the realm of digital a lot can be done. What if electricity blacks out? Well, it is our own fault we made ourselves completely dependent on large companies/monopolies for our energy needs. We put ourselves all too quick into the hands of people who just want to get your money and that's it. Speaking of that regular money and availability: when a bank decides their clients can't withdraw their money, they (the clients) are fucked. When the government thinks it is smart by printing a zillion more monies, you're fucked also, because it's worth shit now there is too much, but you're income is still the same number. That's just two of the many options fiat money can ruin people without their own influence. I trust blockchain tech way more than regular money, because governments are very afraid of it, which is a clear sign of an undermining of their power.

          • Appaloosa

            All in context eh? It's when people start thinking their digital hammers and brushes produce anything more than digital houses or paintings that need LCD displays to exist.

            P6retty sure as a real world artist, you'd print out any digital work you ever produced!

            • Maternitus (edited 6 months ago)

              /hides a lot of prints while his nose is growing
              "No." :-)

              Aaah, I didn't mean going all digital, but somehow use blockchain technology to authenticate/certificate original artwork as well as using the technology to make bidding safe, easy and fast. The payments, whether in fiat or crypto, are actually both good, but the thing is with crypto: it's faster and cheaper to use. Plus: no middle-man.

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