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Published 6 years ago by AdelleChattre with 2 Comments

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  • cpt

    Recreational users say ketamine lifts them out of their bodies, into other worlds. Many feel like they can fly or float. They can escape reality.

    This condescending description of the drug is an incredible contrast to Timothy Leary's famous admiration of it:

    Ketamine is a psychedelic ('mind revealing') drug because it can sometimes reveal aspects of how the mind constructs reality, personality, and a sense of meaning and sacredness, without necessarily inducing a toxic delirium. The term 'hallucinogen' is inadequate for describing increased empathy, insights, reliving old memories, religious ecstasy and many other effects (Grinspoon & Bakalar 1979), while the term 'entheogen' refers only to spiritual aspects. Timothy Leary observed that ketamine and Salvinorin A were the most profound psychedelic drugs in terms of the perceived depths of the experience (Leary & Sirius 1997) and The Essential Guide to Psychedelics described ketamine as the 'ultimate psychedelic journey' (Turner 1994).


    • Gozzin

      I've read it's being tried to treat depression.

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