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Published 4 years ago by AdelleChattre with 4 Comments

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  • Rhino1

    Well, if you don't have a monarchy polishing it's image, you have a federal government doing it which usually costs 10x as much. Furthermore, a federal government will sell your Grandma/soul/history/future and everything you once belived to be true to win some new votes and a monarchy won't.

    • AdelleChattre

      As if a monarchy polishes its own image, like an animal.

      • Rhino1 (edited 4 years ago)

        I assume the article is referring to monarchies adapting themselves to suit public sentiment and thereby remaining popular. The most recent example thereof is the "House of Windsor" changing its name from Battenberg to Mountbatten to Windsor as anti-German sentiment gripped Britain throughout the 20th Century. Anyway, as far as murder, torture, rape, and plunder are concerned, the whole world was at it until the end of the 19th Century and had been since the beginning of history.

        • AdelleChattre (edited 4 years ago)

          The best trick the devil ever did was convincing you he ended automagically in 1901.

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