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Published 7 years ago by AdelleChattre with 3 Comments

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  • TheHat2

    I, for one, am actually interested in Tacoma. I couldn't stand Gone Home, but this actually feels like something different. Hopefully there's more to it than just walking around IN SPAAAAACE, and I won't have to eat my own words by the time it comes out.

    Recore is another I really want to play, if only because Inafune and ex-Retro staff are developing it.

    Cuphead... my god, I'm absolutely floored by how that game looks. Seriously, I could travel back in time with footage from that game with me, and people would wonder what the hell Walt Disney was smoking when he made that.

  • Ewok007 (edited 7 years ago)

    I've been super excited for No Man's Sky. Seems like it has a lot of options open for how you can play the game. I'll be going for a more Star Trek style of exploration as opposed to getting into constant fights and battles.

    • Kysol

      Elite did it first... well maybe not the landing and exploration. I'm somewhat sceptical about a game that previewed last year, then previewed again this year... will it preview next year ?

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