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  • Cobbydaler

    Showing the face of despicable corporate America.

  • b1ackbird

    raising the visa limit is about exploiting a loophole in immigration law to save money — workers on these temporary visas are typically paid less than U.S. employees doing the same work, and more complaisant with American bosses because they'll be deported if they lose their jobs. Companies such as Google and Qualcomm do benefit from H-1B visas, but on a lower scale than the outsourcing firms. In 2013, Qualcomm secured visa approvals for 909 new workers, according to government figures compiled by Computerworld. Infosys got 6,300.

    This is sickening & simply put is 99.9999997% what's wrong with our economy.

  • septimine

    These things are a joke. They never had a shortage, it's about holding down wages. Get everyone on the stem train, supplement with H1B immigrants, oversupply, wages stagnate, you profit.


    "The Obama administration announced new proposals this week designed to attract and retain highly skilled immigrants, among the top wishes of high-tech companies like Qualcomm. The new regulations would remove obstacles to the immigrants remaining in this country and extend employment authorization to their spouses." May 7 2014.

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