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Published 10 months ago with 6 Comments

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    How quickly we forget, 2008: Obama Surrounds Himself with the Most Extreme Appointees in American History.


    • AdelleChattre

      The pearl clutching in that related link is, with the advantage of hindsight, over the top. One indication of the ginned-up hysteria within has to be the name of the outfit that ran that screed: "Western Journalism." Apparently somebody must already have owned the trademarks for "Trusted Sources" and "American Newsmedia." Western Journalism was an early prototype for a certain brand of Republican house organ, one that eventually led to the more refined, weaponized form of yellow journalism, WorldNet Daily.

      • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 10 months ago)

        Sorta like Moyers was/is to the Dems.

        It works both ways. What a hypocrite you are.


        • AdelleChattre

          I have a suggestion. How about you go back and read the polemic you're pushing. Compare its breathless accusations of Stalinism to what we know now that administration is coming to an end. Contrast its batshit craziness to the record of the most conservative administration since at least Coolidge.

          Especially, I'd say, the 'global warming is a one-worlder, New World Order hoax' vitriol.

          Tell me you've read that bile-soaked tract and you think it was prophetic and not pathetic. C'mon, read it.

          As for Bill Moyers, who's been on the side of ordinary Americans this whole time, who Johnson called his indispensible man on poverty, who will one day win the Medal of Freedom and by so doing bring honor and prestige to the medal, nobody but you is going to confuse him with your little ür-Goebbels.

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