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Published 3 years ago with 3 Comments

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  • ssladam

    Excellent link, thanks for sharing. After reading the article it's something that I didn't know existed, but now it has that "it feels like it should exist" feeling. I think the article could have been beefed up with more real world examples as opposed to multiple thought experiments for what the author imagines the future may hold. But all things considered, good piece to highlight the subtle ways that AI is already creeping into our society, and how it'll begin making it's presence felt.

    • Dernhelm

      It is going to be interesting to see how quickly it progresses and how society shapes up due to this. People are going to be assholes every noe and again, thought it would be weird to receive a text on your phone or watch saying "Your fellow humans have judged you and deemed your actions below society as a whole. Please evaluate your actions and see how you can change them. Humanity standards can be noted below.". Maybe this will make for a nicer world, or maybe it will be used for some sinister purposes, but I'm interested to see where we are headed.

      • ssladam

        Early on I'm certain people will love it. It'll go into things like "advertising reduction", so when you watch your favourite shows you don't see 4 minutes of commercials targeting everyone from toddlers to geriatrics, you'll see ~45s of commercials targeted just for whoever is in the room. (No more embarrassing Trojan commercials when your parents are visiting). But eventually I think people will push back. In the job market I've noticed that many companies are starting to use "compatibility tests" to look at potential new-hire's personality traits, analytical thinking ability, creativity, etc. I'm 100% certain that A.I. will be applied to those fields. And how happy would you be to know that you were the top candidate for a job but were rejected not by a human interviewer, but an A.I. that determined you "are a risk to rebel against authority from time to time"?

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