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Published 2 years ago by AdelleChattre with 2 Comments

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  • AdelleChattre (edited 2 years ago)

    Better than the unique view counts, better than the edition saves... there it is: the reflexive, unknowing, unstinting downvote!

    Consider how better to know if one's had any effect in this world than that proof positive someone's had a reaction, however autonomic, reassuringly reflexive and blissfully mindless. Let people that compose sentences worry about the commenting and reading and understanding, all the egghead stuff.

    Me? Give me that pot-calling-the-kettle-a-fascist, ever-loving everyman true-believer's lizard brain tongue-flick of a downvote — cast without having made it to the start of the first paragraph of course — every time for consolation that when I go to my reward, I'll have heresied against their dogma, blasphemed against their rote trigger:response zero-sum vote manipulation daze, and shaken my fist in anger somewhat less impotent for having done it.

    Their vapidity is why tears like those are considered such a delicacy.

    • Appaloosa

      "Their vapidity is why tears like those are considered such a delicacy."

      There is so much intricacy there.

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