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Published 5 years ago by AdelleChattre with 5 Comments

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  • jcscher (edited 5 years ago)

    I have this app and like it. Why the down vote?

    • AdelleChattre

      About the drive-by downvote, I expect it may have something to do with the inevitable outcome of all the debate-night drinking games. Every time one of the candidates interrupts another you have to rotate drinks? That's messed up.

      • jcscher

        /u/AdelleChattre "Drive-by down vote", very good I have uses for that in the future. I hope you don't mind me stealing it. :) I will of course give credit.

        • AdelleChattre

          Can’t claim credit myself, though. That phrase, as with related concepts like ‘downvote stalker’ and ‘downvoted to oblivion’ have been around longer than I have.

    • AdelleChattre

      Haven't had to break out the scanner for sending quick PDFs in ages. Feels like using a miniaturized spy camera to capture documents. Free is a very good price.

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