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Published 3 years ago with -1 Comments

From My Garden - Patio planters and more colorful blooms!

I posted pics of my Native Ontario Plants a little bit ago. The garden is flourishing and more blooms are appearing!

  • Pardon the weeds on my patio - I'm a busy gal.

    In the one pic of my planter you can see my dying hedge in the background. It's patchily dying all the way to the end of my drive. I love the look of yew hedges, as they can be neatly clipped, and I find a fence might not fit the space properly.

    I also have (not pictured) strawberries doing well, garlic sprouting up a storm, a grape vine that, after 3 years, is finally producing 2 whole bunches of grapes (yay!). A few mystery plants that were interesting weeds, so we'll see what they do.

    Plans for the future include a bubbling water fountain, some sort of edging on my gardens, a sturdier support for the grapes, a interloc patio out back, and raised brick garden beds out front. The grass doesn't do too well out in the front yard, and it really just is a waste of space and resources - I'd rather have oodles of garden beds to plant veg and flowers than have to mow the lawn every few days to keep it 'looking nice.' I'm trying to find a rain barrel that kind of looks like an old wine cask, but isn't that cheap plastic that I feel won't last. Have to paint my patio fence, too, and sew a cloth awning for it, too. It gets hot out there during the summer months!


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