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Snapzu Update To Version 4.0

After a long and eventful summer, we are happy to bring to you our biggest update yet! Snapzu 4.0 is loaded with cool new features that we hope you all enjoy. Please sit back, relax, and get comfortable, as there is a lot to come.

  • Snapzu Update to Version 4.0!

    Greetings everyone!

    After a long and eventful summer, we are happy to bring to you our biggest update yet! Snapzu 4.0 is loaded with cool new features that we hope you all enjoy. Please sit back, relax, and get comfortable, as there is a lot to come.

    Before we jump into the technical stuff, we would just like to thank all of you for being here and helping us build this network. We got a ton of feedback from many of you over the last few months and it has helped us greatly going forward. For those of you who are new, please take the time to let us know of your experiences on the site. We appreciate all of your feedback and are always hungry for more!

    Ok, so lets get down to business...

    We would like to start off by introducing you to our newest set of features that became available for 4.0.

    Version 4.0 Features:

  • Search has finally arrived! A shiny new search button is now available at the top navigation bar that allows you to launch our search menu. This two staged search functionality helps to quickly locate a friend, find a tribe and check up on a link you're thinking about sharing. For those who want to get in and dig deeper, a dedicated search page is also available to help find that specific snap you might want to revisit, or a great comment you want to reply to. Members that have meticulously added tags to their snaps will rejoice as tags will greatly improve snap visibility and help with displaying more accurate results.

  • Tribe Mastery is an exciting new feature that allows you to specialize in specific tribes by being active within them. Using what we refer to as a “TM” score, each member profile will now display a number of top tribes that user is active in. This participation based score helps you follow the users that best fit with your overall interests as well as improving the overall discovery experience. The Tribe Mastery system is completely automated, so any user merely needs to join a tribe and be active within it to watch their TM score grow. Virtually any activity in a tribe, including comments, snaps, tribe posts, and votes placed will bring the score up, while inactivity in the tribe can bring the score down. The score is shown in a X/100 format, with 100 being the highest (high activity) and 0 being the lowest (no activity), and is updated once a day.

  • Leader boards are now available within tribes level 2 and up. Higher level tribes have larger and more competitive leader boards. The premise is simple — each member of a specific tribe can compete for the top spot on that tribe's leader board. Only users that are members of the tribe are listed in the leader boards and only votes from other users count, while self (automatic) votes are excluded. Using these leader boards, new (and veteran!) members can discover and start following the top users as voted by other subscribed members from each tribe. Up and down votes received from within that tribe are added together to have a total +/- score. The bigger a user's score the higher they will find themselves on the particular leader board.

  • We have introduced a new content creation option called a “Tribe Post”. A tribe post can only be created within a specific tribe, and is a quick and easy way for users to create conversations about a specific topic without spending the time and effort to create a full snap. Tribe posts use similar voting functionality to snaps and are listed among snaps on each tribe homepage (with filtering options available), however they do not appear on the front page and cannot be pinned. These tribe posts get pushed to the activity feeds of following users using a new orange color to label them (as you may have already noticed!)

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: "Tribe Posts" have since been changed to "Text Posts".

  • Our previous pinup concept has been brought back, improved, and is now fully functional with additional features. Each registered Snapzu member now has access to create and maintain their own "Snapzine" to share with their friends and the rest of the web. A user can "pinup" any snap created by any user which will instantly add it to their own personal Snapzine. These pins not only reward the creator of the pinned snap with reputation and RP bonuses, but also with additional exposure via activity feeds which can increase the overall popularity of the particular snap. All users have a limited amount of pins in their "pin cushion" that gets restored daily with the exact amount depending on their rank.

  • Bug Fixes:

    Thanks to you and our friends at our own personal tester sweatshop, we found a number of issues that we managed to fix with this release.

    • Optimized the SCP splash image upload functionality and fixed the spinning loader timeout problem that was causing certain image uploads to get stuck
    • Fixed a problem where cropping a splash image was taking too long
    • Fixed a tribe claim issue where sometimes the claim button would be unresponsive
    • Fixed general resizing issue on popovers when being viewed by mobile devices
    • Removed the controversial sorting button from tribes
    • Corrected several typos and language file errors across the site
    • Removed the private tribe functionality, users are no longer able to hide certain tribes from being listed in their tribe membership page
    • Fixed a bug where the related links functionality was not refreshing properly after adding a related link
    • We have made general improvements to the tribe recommendation algorithm to help better recommend
    • Fixed a bug that required 2 touches on mobile devices when viewing the front page or snapzines
    • Pulled a dead rat out from the fan dock of the Apache server, which sped up the loading time of all elements by 10%. Ok, this one is a joke — just checking if you're still paying attention!

    CSS Updates / General Optimization:

    • Conducted a general site-wide css styles cleanup, optimizing font sizes, weights, colors and spacing
    • Added a tribe membership overview page when visiting another user's profile, users can now access that page by clicking the “View All Tribes” button on the member bar
    • Redesigned the related links container
    • Redesigned the comment creation container
    • Links on the front page and tribe pages now turn a different color when visited to help with keeping track what snaps or tribe posts were viewed
    • We have removed the right bar on snap display pages to make more room for snap and comment based content. Additionally we have restructured the Snap Display page to better fit with the removal of the bar.
  • We hope all of you enjoy the updates, and please let us know if you find any bugs with any of the new features. It's great to have all of you! Thank you.


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  • timex

    Finally leaderboards for some nice healthy competition. Time to step up my game.

    • rawlings

      Bring it on!

      • Chubros

        Don't fuck with this guy, hes heisenberg himself

  • bradd

    Woot Love the new look and feel! Great job!

  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • 8mm

    Everything looks really well done.

  • kaiyo

    Love the changes :)

  • jackthetripper

    Thanks TEAM Snapzu the changes are great! I'll report any bugs if i see any.

  • powpow

    What did you do with the dead rat? lol

  • thebizyo

    Thanks for everything, liking the changes

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