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Published 5 years ago with 14 Comments

Release 4.4.1 - Additional Functionality, Minor Visual Updates & Bug Fixes

Over the last month or so we have been applying bug fixes, visual updates and some new functionality. To learn more about the changes, be sure to not miss this post.

  • Hi everyone! Over the last month or so we have been applying bug fixes, visual updates, and some new functionality. It's been a while since we last posted an update, so we felt today was a good time.

  • Member Feed Expansion - Tribes Feed & Pinned Feed

    Last week we added an additional option to the user feed functionality called the "Tribes Feed", which allows users to view activity based on the tribes they have membership in. This week we took it one step further and added the "Pinned Feed" which shows all activity within the snaps that were pinned. We hope this expanded functionality will help users better track content they find interesting!

  • Front Page - Trending Content Color Visualization Scale

    We decided to remove the rather confusing snap type colors from the front page, and replaced them with a more useful "cold to hot" color based scale that can help differentiate between the popularity of snaps while helping users locate top content. The scale has 7 colors, starting from blue and working its way up to red. The more popular a snap gets, the larger and more red (hot) it becomes.

  • Minor Updates & Bug Fixes

    • Updated the visual design of the voting arrows so that we can continue to expand them into new areas like the front page and user feeds.
    • Added an category drop-down menu to the signup form so that users can better choose their default tribes.
    • Removed the borders from snap and user thumbnails in favor of a more simplistic look and feel.
    • Move the achievements button to the member bar and aligned both "achievements" and "PM User" buttons side by side.
    • Improved the comment sorting mechanism to make higher rated comments with no children easier to find near the top.
    • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions area to expand on new functionality.
    • Fixed an issue with fonts not loading properly in Chrome and Firefox.
    • Fixed an issue where the user feed preferences were not being saved after logout and relogin.
    • Fixed a bug where the main content tabs were not working properly on the 404 page.
    • Fixed a problem where up/down voting other comments while editing or creating a new comment closed the text field resulting in the loss of content.
  • That's about all for now. If you notice any weird things happening, be sure to clear your cache (in your browser's internet history settings). Thanks for reading and have a great day!

    // Team Snapzu


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  • canuck

    Cool stuff. New pinned feeds makes the pinning so much more useful.

    • geoleo

      It really adds another dimension to the purpose of it.

  • wildcard

    I've been noticing changes last week and was wondering why no one was mentioning anything. Thanks for the details (finally)!

  • hxxp

    Thanks I'll be on the lookout for the new stuff

  • melaniee

    looks great, thanks team snapzu :)

  • crt

    Great work! I'm new here so this may be a dumb question - but where is the best place to submit feedback?

    • drunkenninja

      There is a green icon that looks like a little bug to the right of the main logo, click on that and you will see a feedback option. Hope it helps...

  • drunkenninja

    Always great to see these updates roll out! Really liking the pinned feed.

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