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Release 4.4.0 - Private Msgs, Additional Notifications, Permalinks, Multiple Niche Frontpages & more

We have a released a series of updates and new functionality at the end of this month that we would like to introduce in our 4.4 release. Apparently a little bit more than can fit in the title, so please check out our blog post to see whats new!

  • Hello everyone!
    As we move into the month of February we are excited to bring you a new set of functionality updates that we hope you will find useful!

  • Front Page Categorization

    An update to the tribe categorization has been made where certain tribes have been shuffled around slightly for improved indexing. We have also introduced additional categorization of the front page to include the following:

    • Front Page (All)
    • Pics and GIFs (Shows only native image snaps)
    • Business and Economy
    • Technology & Web
    • Entertainment & Sport
    • Video (Shows only native video snaps)
    • Science & Space
    • Earth & Nature
    • Life & Personal Interests
    • Health & Body
    • Places, Culture & Travel
    • World Issues & Politics
    • Social & Reaction
    • News & Headlines (Shows only current event snaps)

    Each individual categorized index page will contain the same global vote (FPS) score for snaps, however, the size and location of each will vary depending on the particular category. Newly created tribes will be placed in the most applicable category automatically once they reach a membership count of 10 users.

  • Private Messaging

    The ability to privately message other members has been implemented into the messaging functionality that was previously only used for system messages. It works in an "IM" style format for convenience and easy communication. Private messages and System messages have also been labeled differently to help in distinguishing between the two.

  • Expanded Notifications

    Additional functionality has been added to the slide-down notification area. You will now also be notified when:

    1. Someone posts a direct (non-reply) comment to your snap.
    2. Someone posts a related link to your snap.
    3. Someone replies to a comment made by you.
    4. Someone mentions you using the /u/username tag.
  • Permalink Support in Comments

    Each comment now includes a permalink available for direct linking. This allows us to link directly to a comment from various areas of the site including your activity feed and notifications. Direct linking to a particular comment or conversation will now also be possible.

  • The Lounge

    A new tribe called /t/lounge will now serve as the central discussion hub of Snapzu. Over the last several months we have come to a realization that a tribe dedicated to free flowing discussion is a crucial component for expanding our core community of trailblazing users. We believe it will give all members an opportunity to play a role in the future expansion of this service. We have added several shortcuts to this tribe in certain areas of the site to make it easier to locate. We hope to see you there!

    That being said, a new tribe style setting has been added to allow for the creation of discussion only tribes. Using this setting, members will not be able to submit snaps, and will only be allowed to create "self posts". You can read about what a self post is in the FAQ located here.

  • Terminology Changes

    Tribe posts have been re-named to "Self posts". This change is meant to reduce any confusion that may have been happening with novice users unfamiliar with the term. All functionality will remain the same.

  • Please note that with every sizable update, there might be some new bugs that were introduced. If you find an issue that needs our attention, please use the bug report feature to let us know! Thanks for reading!

    // Team Snapzu


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  • patel

    This is one great update and some of the things I myself felt the need of. I see a lot of engagement in this snap so I'd probably ask this question here. Could somebody explain me difference between upvotes and FPS, for example, in this snap you can see 14 upvotes (as of now) but FPS score is 32? How's that?

    • aj0690

      I was always under the impression that FPS is the total score from all sources. Each source has it's own score. You can see this when you click the green red and blue stats icon just to the right of the voting area.

      • mariogi

        This is correct. Each snap has to have a minimum of 3 sources where votes can come from, including the feed (people following you), the front page/misc (any other page that's not the feed, i think), and up to 5 tribes (in this snap's case, just the one blog tribe). Each score is independent from each other for various reasons, but is combined to make the FPS score (which is used for positioning on the front page). Any user can change your FPS score by only 1 point, even if they vote multiple times for the same snap (from different sources).

        When first created, each snap has a +1 added automatically to each source by the account that made the snap. If you create a snap and quickly check your stats, you will see a +1 for each of the sources. These are all your automatically added votes, and because each account can only affect the FPS by 1 point, the FPS of your snap will still be a +1. If another user finds your snap in their feed, and up votes you, your FPS will go to a +2. If that same user finds your snap again, this time from the front page, and up votes you again, your FPS will remain at +2. I was curious about this also before, and I think that's how it all works. I hope this wall of text clears things up.

        • jayhallny

          Quick question.. why are votes automatically added when creating a snap?

          • mariogi

            I'm guessing it's probably just a convenience thing. If you create a snap, you will probably want to up vote yourself naturally. This saves you the time to have to do it.

            • jayhallny

              Great ,thanks I was thinking that too but just wanted to make sure.

    • Nelson

      The 14 up votes are only from the front page. That is considered one source. There is also votes coming from the activity feed (from being followed), and from each tribe (in this case just the one /t/blog).

  • bradd

    Great news! and congrats on lvl 13......... noob ;)

  • jonez334

    This is going to get big guys.

  • GingerBreadMan

    "Someone posts a direct (non-reply) comment to your snap." Hell yeah!!

    • MissyE

      Yeah it will be very convenient to not have to manually look for replies.

  • canuck

    Wow this is one of the bigger updates.

  • doodlegirl

    So when is 4.5? Next week??? :-P

    • geoleo

      I really wouldn't be surprised at this pace.

  • DroidDev

    How do I message someone privately?

    • drunkenninja

      There is a button called "Message user" just under their level progress bar thingy on the left side. You have to be on their profile to see it...

      • DroidDev

        Hmmm.. I don't see it. I just see their profile pic, the exp progress bar and then the list of tribes. Nothing that says "Message User"

        • drunkenninja

          There is preferences where peeps can choose who can PM them. Here is a list of the ones I can see in my PM inbox area...

          Who is allowed to message you?
          - Everyone
          - Accounts level 5 and up
          - Accounts level 10 and up
          - Only accounts I follow
          - No One (I don`t want to receive PMs)

          • sysadmin

            Yes, but where is the "Everyone but drunkenninja" option?

            • drunkenninja

              So you mean a block function? :D
              Couldn't find it... thats probably why you were able to PM me? muahaha

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