Prompt and Response Guidelines


  1. Prompts and responses must display some attempt at producing high quality content. Low-effort content that will be removed includes:

    + single word non-image prompts
    + extremely short responses, unless adding to the discussion
    + troll prompts
    + non-original or joke responses
    + trend prompts, which are primarily based off of another prompt
  2. Top-level responses must address the prompt directly. This means no 'this has already been done' responses. The prompt creator should add a top level comment to the original prompt for requests for clarification and other comments addressing the prompt.

  3. All prompts must include a title tag to designate the sort of prompt. Though Snapzu does not yet feature a Reddit-style tag feature, it should still be possible to sort through posts by searching. Title tag options are as follows:

    + [WP] is the most basic tag which features no restrictions on writing and is a new and unique idea for a prompt
    + [RB] is for prompts that feature a recurrent basis which is often seen in prompts. Prompts that are [RB] include ideas such as:
            - a god, angels, the devil, or other popular and existing religious figures
            - a new superhero or supervillain
            - meta prompts that feature the tribe or Snapzu itself in responses
            - other ideas that have been repeatedly used in the tribe
    Note: [RB] prompts are not discouraged, but some users do dislike them and therefore should be able to filter them out.
    + [EU] is for prompts that feature an idea from an existing fictional universe
    + [CW] is for prompts that place a technical restriction on the responses
    + [OT] is for writing related discussion that is not a prompt
    + [CC] is for constructive criticism of a posted work of writing/prompt-inspired writing
    + [NSFW] is for prompts that are 18+
  4. NSFW responses to a SFW prompt must be posted separately with both [CC] and [NSFW] tags, but the post may be linked to the original thread if explicitly marked as NSFW.

  5. Absolutely no plagiarism. Plagiarism is grounds for an instant ban.

  6. Please don't post your school assignments.

  7. As many of these rules are subjective, I leave all final decisions up to the moderating team.

4 years ago by axutio

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