[WP] A 13 year old finds out that he has telekinetic powers that increase when he kills – right now, he can only control a peanut.

4 years ago by axutio with 3 comments

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  • Lucky

    This ending works great for everything: "But then he got cancer and he died."

    Copyright (C) 2016 Lucky Ltd.

    • axutio

      I'm totally using that somewhere.

  • axutio

    Sweat dripped from my forehead, my anxiety obvious to the men in blue who seemed to be constantly staring at my suspiciously. Even I couldn’t understand why I did it – what reason could I really have had to pour the bleach into the soup? Sure, I was angry over that day’s math test, but that didn’t really explain it. When I did it, I’d known that at least a few people would die – but there was a voice in my head that told me I had to do it, and I was powerless against it. It hadn’t been more than an hour before the ambulances were called as six children across the school mysteriously fell sick. The police were quick to look at the security tapes, and I became the obvious culprit.

    Now, I was sitting in the middle of a police department, handcuffed to my chair with cops shaking their head at me from a distance. To them, I was so young. I had a clean record, lived in a suburban middle class neighborhood, and consistently scored well on tests. They could never understand the voice inside my head that had seduced my to take the lives of six, without any explanation at all. I was going to go to jail for a long time, I suspected, if I didn’t take matters into my own hands – if I didn’t do the one thing I really, really hated to do. Still, there was no other option.

    Staring down at my hands silently, I visualized the locking mechanism I knew existed in the handcuff. I visualized the lock bar rising and the spring breaking free, and the handcuff fell to my feet within seconds. The clatter of metal on tire caught the attention of the nearest officers.

    “Hey, what d’you think you’re doing? Gary, get those cuffs back on Theo. Kid, how’d you pick that cuff? Tryin’ something fishy with those brains of yours?”

    I shrugged silently, standing up as Gary approached.

    “Stay back!” I hissed at him.

    Surprised, the officer faltered, and that was all I needed. I only meant to slam him in the head with his paperweight, but to my surprise, the whole table lifted up. I had never been able to move anything that large with my powers – just a small item here or there. But to my surprise, the whole table came crashing down onto Gary’s head, knocking him out – or maybe even killing him. I wasn’t going to stick around to find out which. At this point, half the department had their guns pointed at me. I just smiled.

    With a jerk of my head, all the guns in the room clattered to the floor and slid to me magically. The fear in the officers’ eyes only became more obvious. I strolled through the crowd, not a single officer daring to try and stop me. As I walked out the double doors, I thought to put my powers to the test behind me. With my eyes closed as I visualized a horrific scene, I lifted the eight story police department off of its foundation and brought it crashing down into the street. Power surged through me once more as I heard the final screams of my latest victims all around me.

    Mother Nature had wronged me by giving me this gift without teaching me how to use it. I was going to right that.