[WP] A panel of experts are presenting their findings to a tribunal on whether to eradicate an invasive species known as "humanity".

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  • axutio

    There were only three of us working the operation – we wanted to keep it as small as possible, to lower the risk of losing all our work. All three of us were gathered now, with a few dozen armed guards all around us. The security had no idea what we were doing – just that we were in constant danger.

    For the past millenia, mankind had been consistently taking strides towards making time travel a reality. Yet, every time we got close, a major failure would arise under suspicious circumstances. Sometimes it’d be outright destruction – a fire triggered by a huge explosion that would erase a decade of progress, or a catastrophic flood that would literally wash away trillions of dollars in supplies. Other times, they would be more subtle – the disappearance of top scientists working on the projects, or the “misplacement” of materials as they traveled large distances. Every time, however, humanity would find itself back where it had been a decade or so ago once more.

    My two friends and I were some of the most powerful people on the planet, however, and we weren’t going to let anything like that happen. We didn’t know much about who or what was trying to stop us – just that, there was a force stronger than any other out there trying to keep us in the dark. So we did everything to cover our tracks, shipping materials in small amounts through dozens of aliases over three decades and channeling money through anonymous third parties. Now was the crucial moment, however. We were less than an hour from completion of the actual time machine itself, built by hand by just us three.

    “Theo!” shouted Alex. “We’ve got everything else ready – it’s just the clock that’s left. Get the guards prepped, and put the facility on lockdown.”

    With a silent nod, I began the last step of our journey – the beginning of the end. Every time machine schematic ever suggested had included one crucial component – a special, quantum “clock” of sorts. As soon the clock was provided power, the time machine was online, but still not functional. But every online time machine created a disruption in space and time that could be sensed with the proper equipment by anyone, anywhere, and in any era. We estimated from our test runs that it would take us three minutes and thirty-two seconds to get the time machine functional after the clock was powered – which meant that in those three minutes and thirty-two seconds, we would likely find ourselves under attack.

    Time was the main problem. The unknown and invisible enemy would be alerted in every era of time as soon as we provided power to our clock in our time, which meant that they could go back as far as they liked to stop us from doing what we were about to do. They could kill us at any time in our lives, or our parents’ lives, or their parents’ lives, or anyone’s life anywhere. However, we knew that they would try and stay as close to the current time as possible to disrupt the world as little as possible – if they affected the Earth too many generations back, the ripple effects would have a high likelihood of harming their own efforts as well.

    With a solitary tear in my eye, I gently pushed down the lockdown lever. There was no hesitation – I had prepared for this effort for too long. We were fighting against unbelievable odds, but if we couldn’t win, then no one ever would. As the alarm lights began flashing, the chief of security ran up to me anxiously.

    “Sir? Is ...

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