[WP] Aliens have made contact with humanity and requested specifically you, a human with an odd life.

4 years ago by axutio with 1 comments

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  • axutio

    Something felt odd. I felt… good. I never felt good – my therapist said that I wasn’t supposed to feel good. Normally I was in a daze, but today – today I felt alert, and alive. I stared, half-confused, at the mirror across the room from me. My thin face, normally pale, was today filled with a bright red hue. With a smile on my face for the first time in years, I stepped out of bed. The accident had taken everything that I ever valued away from me, but at that moment, I just felt like I could forget it all. Like the accident never happened. Humming to myself, I brushed my teeth and showered. Cheerfully slipping into my suit, I took the steps downstairs two at a time and rushed out of my apartment. I never took the stairs double. Something really felt odd.

    I got into my battered care, the old leather seats cracking uncomfortably as I sat down. The engine backfired – it always backfired – but today, I didn’t mind. I was in the sort of mood that I wasn’t ever supposed to be in, according to the tens of therapists that I had seen after the accident. For me, happiness normally translated to anger – when something happened that should have pleased me, I tended to go into an uncontrollable rage. So they made me take meds that would calm me down – meds that kept me from ever really feeling any emotions and left me in an eternal state of apathy. Something was wrong today, I thought to myself. Perhaps my medication had gotten mixed up – but I didn’t feel the least bit angry for some reason. I shrugged off the worries, looking forward to my first happy day since the accident.

    I smoothly turned into the parking lot of my workplace, to a peculiar site. There was already a car in my spot – a long, dark limo that looked like it had seen better days. A helicopter rested at the far end of the lot, and as I entered the lot, two more limos briskly blocked the exit behind me. Even so, I wasn’t the least bit fazed. A voice inside me told me that today wasn’t a day for fear – I wasn’t going to let anything ruin the perfect day I was having. I parked in a coworkers spot as four men in suits slowly approached me, their hands in their dark coat jackets. As I stepped out of my beat-up jalopy, I felt more curious than anything else.

    “Theo? Mr. Theo Eisaman?” a suit questioned. He stared at me, suspicion and a hint of fear in his eyes.

    “That’s me!” I replied jovially. “Anything I can help you men with?”

    “Sir, we’re with the government,” a second suit answered, flashing a Department of Defense badge at me. “You need to come with us.”

    The last two suits came up from behind me, walking me forcefully towards the helicopter. I had always liked helicopters, but had never gotten the opportunity to ride in one. They told me that I used to be a pilot before the accident, but I didn’t remember any of that. It was ironic that I loved flying, considering the nature of my accident, but I felt a slight tug pulling me from my dazed apathy every time I got in a plane. Unfortunately, my job only sent me on long trips once a year, and I didn’t have the money for anything more.

    I stepped into the helicopter at the agents’ nudge, still unsure of what I was doing. Nevertheless, I wasn’t the least bit afraid. There wasn’t really anything to be afraid of, as far as I knew. One of the agents was again staring me at me suspiciously, and I realized that I had the most unnatural smile on my face – as far as they...

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