Tribe Progression and Growth

As more and more people come to Snapzu, it becomes important that we have a plan in place for problems that may arise with growth, and for us to also encourage growth into the tribe. So, here's a checklist of what we need to get done for /t/writingprompts to achieve its true potential.



  • a more indepth rules wiki, which I will add as soon as Snapzu adds proper means
  • consistent prompt posting (started, let's see how it goes)
  • a community of writing tribes, which will come in its own time
  • a proper moderation team - working on it as of 7/29/16


  • tribe logo completed on 7/7/15
  • tribe banner (completed thanks to /u/thinkerbell)


There's more than this, and it will be added as it comes to mind. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how to implement any of the above, feel free to comment and help us out.

Thanks, Axutio

4 years ago by axutio

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