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  • Video/Audio
    6 years ago
    by Zeus
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    Learn toki pona in a fortnight

    A free 14 video instructional series.

  • Download
    8 years ago
    by linguistrose
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    toki pona pal

    This app is a great resource for people learning toki pona. It has a dictionary, quizzer, and even a few comis! toki pona is an invented language which has around 120 words in its entire vocabulary. It is very context-based, with each word usually having multiple meanings. You can learn more about toki pona at

  • Analysis
    8 years ago
    by BlueOracle
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    How to Say Everything in a Hundred-Word Language

    Those who speak Toki Pona say linguistic simplicity can enable a more profound form of communication. “It is by metaphor that language grows,” writes the psychologist Julian Jaynes. “The common reply to the question ‘What is it?’ is, when the reply is difficult or the experience unique, ‘Well, it is like —.’” That metaphorical process is at the heart of Toki Pona, the world’s smallest language.