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  • Analysis
    5 months ago
    by TheSpirit
    +22 +1

    Higher levels of testosterone and DHEA predict weaker religious ties among older men

    Older men with higher levels of the sex hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in their bodies tend to become less religious, according to a new study. The findings, published recently in the journal Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, suggest that physiology can influence religiosity. “Most of my research is on how social factors get ‘under the skin’ to influence human physiology — and the other way around,” said study author Aniruddha “Bobby” Das of McGill University.

  • Current Event
    5 months ago
    by distant
    +14 +1

    A 'spillover' effect found in consensually nonmonogamous relationships

    New research on consensually non-monogamous relationships indicates that having one partner who meets your sexual needs is linked to increased satisfaction not only in that relationship, but also in a concurrent relationship. The study was recently published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. “Generally I am interested in how having partners who are motivated to be responsive to your needs is associated with satisfaction,” said Amy Muise, an assistant professor at York University and corresponding author of the study.

  • Current Event
    3 months ago
    by ppp
    +15 +1

    Even 4-year-olds dislike freeloaders

    Children as young as age 4 express dislike of and are willing to punish those who freeload off the work of other group members, a new Yale University study has found. But kids also make a clear distinction between those who freeload intentionally and those who have good reasons why they can’t contribute.

  • Analysis
    3 months ago
    by grandsalami
    +10 +1

    Transgender people tend to be viewed as less attractive -- regardless of their actual appearance

    People who are labeled as transgender are viewed as less attractive dating partners, according to new research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science. The new study, which was conducted with heterosexual college students, indicates that gender identity affects perceptions of attractiveness.

  • Current Event
    2 months ago
    by Pfennig88
    +8 +1

    How Alex Jones Uses Religion To Manipulate You

    Alex Jones. The infamous conspiracy theorist has been throwing out the dangers of the “New World Order” for decades. Like an insane Santa Claus, he has a list of everyone who is naughty or nice. Except he is sharing the list every day of the year and nearly everyone is naughty. His targets have included parents of dead children, presidents, and pizza joints. For someone who rarely talks about his faith, he does use a plethora of apocalyptic rhetoric that quotes the Old Testament.