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  • Video/Audio
    1 month ago
    by Maternitus
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    The World's Worst Oil Related Disaster You've Never Heard Of

    Deep in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador lies the "Amazon Chernobyl", a 1,700-square-mile environmental disaster brought on by oil extraction and production. After a visit to Ecuador in 1993, human rights lawyer Steven Donziger and other attorneys brought a class-action lawsuit against Texaco (later Chevron) on behalf of over 30,000 farmers and Indigenous people from this Amazon region who were affected by this disaster. Through his personal testimony and supporting footage, Steven recounts his experience advocating on behalf of the environment and affected communities and the personal toll this work has had on his life.

  • Current Event
    4 years ago
    by messi
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    Venezuela increases 2-cent petrol prices to 85 cents a litre

    Premium petrol will rise from less than 0.1 bolivars ($0.02) a litre to 6 bolivars ($1.32) — but Mr Maduro has also announced a 37 per cent devaluation of the currency, which would see a price at the pump of around 85 cents a litre. Lower grade petrol would cost around 14 cents a litre. Under the current exchange rate, minimum wage in Venezuela is as low as 32 cents an hour.

  • Analysis
    2 years ago
    by lostwonder
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    Alfred Nobel's lesser-known Azerbaijan connection

    The international accolade has an unusual affiliation with the Asian nation's long-standing oil industry.