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Tribal Council #1: Welcome!

Howdy everybody,

So first off I'd like to welcome anybody and everybody who's interested in this tribe. I know most of you (including myself) came from Reddit for a variety of reasons. For many of those reasons I'd like to go over the intention of the pen-and-paper tribe, and how I think we can contribute to a positive community that promotes good will.

My goals are the following: 1. Set up an environment in which new settings, games, and ideas for pen-and-paper games are thrown around for those with a creative spirit. 2. Create communal interactions such as organizing and coordinating groups to play either over Google Hangouts or Roll20. 3. Discuss current or past games and the stories of great (or terrible) pen-and-paper gaming.

Really, what I what from this is to be a fun environment for people.

So, in conclusion, what I want to hear from you is, what do you want? What can I do to help make this the most awesome, epically geared, mythic leveled tribe?

Thank you guys so much!

3 years ago by RoastedRareByte with 8 comments

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  • Fuyu

    An actually friendly and not edgy version of the /tg/ boards on 4chan and 8chan would be nice (sans the card games of course). I like a lot of the both serious discussion of world building or systems and silly threads like "Why elves suck" or stories about crazy players but the general attitude of the people on those sites make it less fun.

    One suggestion I have since you want to foster groups is to set up a monthly or so one-shot, maybe as a way to try out different systems.

    • RoastedRareByte

      Thanks for responding! I completely agree with you that having a friendly group is important in fostering a community like this one. I personally haven't been too involved in /tg/, but I was a contributor at /r/rpg. And you make great points about having both serious discussions but also playful banter (but not about elves sucking - that's a universal truth and doesn't need explanation).

      Setting up a monthly one-shot is a fantastic suggestion. Let's do that! let me think a little more on the logistics of that and I'll make another thread about setting something like that up.

  • monkeydude9393

    I think something that you should start on so this doesn't devolve into just memes and comics is to require headers for posts. Such as: [Meme], [Worldbuilding], [Encounter], [Discussion], etc.

    In my experience, forums that start out with these kind of rules tend to flourish because the user is able to sift through everything they are interested in with ease. That way you don't have people incessantly complaining about low quality content.

    • RoastedRareByte

      You make a really valid argument. I'll implement it asap.

  • redalastor

    I expect a friendly community of tabletop RPG enthusiasts.

    I'm mainly interested in game mastering and RPG theory. I'm interested in how systems influence player behaviour and with RPGs with systems encouraging the things they claim to be about.

    • RoastedRareByte

      I'm especially interested in those things too, so you're not alone in that. Hopefully we can really get some good discussions on those things.

  • Wenjarich

    Oh, now I feel a little stupid as this kinda answers my questions in the other thread.