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[Meta] Setting up the community one-shot, and YOU!

Howdy everybody,

So in the first post, Fuyu gave an excellent idea of setting up a monthly one-shot event for us to build a stronger community. I'm absolutely on-board with it, but since this would be the first of its kind in this tribe, I'm curious to see peoples opinions on how we would first be setting this up.

A few things first...

What game will be played? I feel that the perfect game to start this tradition would be Dungeon World. Why? Well for one, its a stereotypical fantasy that has defined tabletop role-playing for generations. People will be the most accustomed to it. Secondly, the ease of use will make for an easier time coordinating how to play while we are setting these one-shots up. Lastly, we can easily play with a huge number without trouble (and I feel like that's important in the beginning to promote community cohesion).

Who will DM? I will happily DM this first session, though in future one-shots I could see this job being rotated.

When will this happen? I don't know, which is why I want to consult with you guys on setting up a common schedule for us to work with.

**How will this happen? ** The goal here is to set this up using Roll20. You will likely need a mic, but you won't need a camera.

And lastly...

Can I provide feedback? Absolutely! I want to make this a learning experience for everybody while we work towards growing this tribe. Which is why I'd like to hold two discussions before and after the session. The discussion prior will be to set up expectations and prepare the game so we can have a great time. The post-session analysis will be like doing an autopsy - we'll be analyzing the game, the adventure, and the system. If anything went wrong, we'll bring that up, and if there were any highlights, we'll talk about those too.

Please provide any ideas, criticisms, and comments that you have. Also let me know your availability if you're interested!

Thanks for reading!

3 years ago by RoastedRareByte with 15 comments

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  • QuietKerfuffle

    Game: I have wanted to play Dungeon World. I especially like its concept of "fail forward".

    Schedule: I have a rotating schedule. MTFSS one week, then WT the next week. Having it on weekends would mean I can join at least every other week.

    I can be found in the player directory on Roll20 under QuietKerfuffle.

    • RoastedRareByte

      Alright, thanks for the feedback :) this might be a relatively small session with how many people have responded. That's okay, though! But while I determine specifics (this week is going to be difficult for me to set things up which also means it might take a bit for me to reply), if you happen to know anybody who you think would enjoy this session, invite them and show them this tribe.

  • Wenjarich

    Are there any updates on when this is going to happen?

    • RoastedRareByte

      Hey Wenjarich, thanks for keeping up with this.

      I'm actually going to be posting something now, so hold tight. :)

  • Wenjarich (edited 3 years ago)

    Ok, I just want to make sure I am understanding correct before I choose to join the tribe (Just joined Snapzu today, therefore trying to work a lot out, so please forgive my extreme noobieness).

    Am I correct in understanding that the whole tribe (as in /t/penandpaper) is intended to be one big rpg game, using the Dungeon World system, with many players involved? Or is it just meant to be a place to find groups to play with in Roll20? Oh wait...it says one monthly event thing. So once a month we will all join a roll20 game session? (I feel I just answered my own question haha) Although the need for the "[LFG]..." posts then feel confusing.

    Also if so, does it matter if we have 0 experience in playing DW ooor roll20? Or are newbies welcome?

    If it is meant to be many little sessions running seperately, (seeing as we are deciding on a setting) are the games supposed to be connected in some way, as in all occuring in the same world?

    I'm sorry if this is not where to ask these things or if they are stupid questions.


    I think my questions have been answered in another thread but I'll leave them here in case you want to answer any of them :P

    So ah ya, I'm just going to go ahead and answer your questions :P

    Game As for as DW goes, I'm more than happy to learn a new system. Personally would find it fun if all the games set here were in the same world but I guess that would take a lot of co-ordinating that very few people would have time for haha

    Schedule I should be able to work into whatever time everyone else want to do as long as I'm given ample warning. Although I live in South Africa (UTC +2), so the session may end up being at some ridiculous hour for me, in which case it will be unlikely I could join but I'll play it by ear :P

    • RoastedRareByte

      The goal here is to just have a community of people who like Role-playing. That means it's great for the following: 1) Group coordination for people who want to play on Roll20, 2) People who like talking about a particular session they're part of, 3) Upcoming or published game systems that pique their interests. The goal is simply to have a place for people like you and me to talk about a hobby we all enjoy!

      The monthly sessions is really meant to promote tribal unity. I wasn't intending on starting a monthly game event that is set in the same world since one one-shot might be a fantasy setting and the other one-shot ends up being Call of Cthulhu or some science fiction game. And with how small the tribe is right now, I don't anticipate there being a problem with inviting the whole tribe into one campaign. If the tribe does become larger, then we might implement some system to keep things sane (40-person group, anyone?)

      If you're interested, you can always make your own post and see about creating your own game sessions. As you mentioned in the other thread, this tribe is still looking for something of an identity, so why not take part in making it? :)

      • Wenjarich

        It all sounds pretty awesome. Ya I got the idea of generally what was being sought in this group from the other threads. Unfortunately at this moment, with my new business kicking off, I don't have time to run/organise anything, especially as I'm a DM for my current group as well. However when things settle a bit I may definitely think about creating my own sessions. I would also want to have a little experience with D20 before I start running online sessions :P

        Cool tribe :)

        • RoastedRareByte

          We won't necessarily be running exclusively d20 games. It's just something that most people are used to, so it's the perfect jumping off point. I literally just finished a The One Ring session with my current offline group.

          • Wenjarich

            Well it is a system I have wanted to start using because as you say a lot of people use it and it sounds like it's really good and if I want to start trying online games I feel it's probably the best medium to go through. I have just never had an opportunity to do so. That's one of the reasons I'm really looking forward to the first one-time game because it will be giving me an opportunity to try a couple things for the first time.

  • Fuyu (edited 3 years ago)

    Game: Dungeon World sounds interesting. I've never played it before so it'll be a fun experience. We should definitely focus on "Open Source" games I think since we're not allowed to PDF share on Snapzu and spell/rule/item lookup is really difficult if the player doesn't have the source book as well.

    DM: Glad to see you're a DM! Some people start up these communities and can't DM so it makes it really difficult to get games started when only players join. I'm inexperienced at DM-ing but I could always try to host a Pokemon Tabletop Adventures one-shot at some point (probably not in my custom region since that's far off from completion and I want to use it for full campaigns at first).

    Schedule: I'm in EST/GMT-4 (I think it's 4, Daylight Savings Time messes that up). So far I'm pretty free except Saturday and Wednesday nights since I'm on summer break. Since we're doing one-shots it doesn't have to always be on a certain day and time, so we can be as inclusive as possible.

    Roll20: Roll20 also has just a plain text feature. Especially if we have a large group, this might be better than mic. I'm in a group of 6+DM and we sometimes try to talk over each other and it's troublesome. Plus background noise is the worst. DMs should probably have access to a mic just for convenience sake in a lot of situations.

    Other: Another suggestion is that character sheets are set up before the game day. That way we know who's joining, and the messy part of figuring out how to create a character doesn't eat up several hours of the one-shot.

    • RoastedRareByte

      Thanks for responding!

      Fortunately, Dungeon World uses a source reference document that provides all necessary information to play the game! It's a very light d20 system that emphasizes player interactions with the world, and not in game 'crunch'.

      You also make a good point about Roll20 using just plain text. For the sake of potentially hosting a large group, you're right it might be necessary to just have the DM use their mic. With smaller groups of 5 or less a mic might be required, but yeah if there's a larger following than expected no mic will be the best solution.

      My idea is to actually make pre-gens as I usually do for one-shots so character creation won't be much of an issue. I'll make one of each class for Dungeon World to help provide as many options as possible for players.

  • Urbanknight4

    What engine does Dungeon World use, DnD or Pathfinder? I've only played with Pathfinder. When are we doing this?

    • RoastedRareByte

      Hey Urbanknight! Dungeon World doesn't use the s20 system. It used a 2d6 system that emphasizes story building over combat encounters.

      Unfortunately sign-ups have ended for this, but watch for the post-game discussion and next months one-shot!

      • Urbanknight4

        Alright, no problem! How are you guys going to notify the community of said discussion and one shot?