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    4 years ago
    by lexi6
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    Help! I Can't Get Past the Part in Dark Souls 3 Where My Wife Threatens to Take the Kids and Go

    I know, I know: casual gamer alert, right? I searched for this issue and nothing popped up so most of you probably figured this out on your own, but I’d love some help so I can progress in the game. Before anyone responds, yes I’ve already tried parry chain stabbing a bunch of NPCs but when I showed her she just started crying harder. People weren’t kidding when they said this game is brutal.

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    5 years ago
    by wildcard
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    12 years later, we finally know what’s after that Level 999 door in Tibia

    Tibia is one of the oldest and still active MMORPGs of all times, and, even though it’s pretty much ran by bots nowadays, we finally got to know that’s after that door in Banuta where you had to be over level 999 to pass. Recently, a brazilian player named Kharsek got to level 1000 and went through it, but he never revealed what was after it. After him, a player named Dev Onica said she would go over the door once she got to level 999...

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    6 years ago
    by Apolatia
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    Overwatch to Permanently Ban Cheaters On First Offence

    Blizzard will permanently ban any player found cheating in Overwatch - on their first offence. Announced in a post about cheating on the Overwatch forums, the policy will be to slap a ban on any player "found to be cheating—or using hacks, bots, or third-party software that provides any sort of unfair advantage". The post goes onto inform players how they can report cheating, and guidelines for doing so.

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    6 years ago
    by Pfennig88
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    'Dark Souls' Is Hard, But Playing It Professionally Is Much Harder

    Dark Souls III is out this week and the streamers are ready. In the coming weeks, fans will gather online to trade strategies, discuss lore, and watch Twitch. Dark Souls’ unique challenges and flexible play style make it perfect for streaming, but only the best gamers do it well. Few professional Dark Souls players are as popular as LobosJR and as notorious as Oroboro. I caught up with the two streamers to find out what it takes to play games for a living and what makes...

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    6 years ago
    by Chubros
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    Blizzard Sues Bot Maker For Copyright Infringement

    Blizzard Entertainment is taking a stand against popular cheating bots for World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm. The game company is suing the creators behind a series of popular bots for copyright infringement and accuses them of ruining the gaming experience for legitimate players.