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  • Expression
    1 year ago
    by TNY
    +12 +1

    Restoring Threatened Masculinity: The Appeal of Sexist and Anti-Gay Humor

    We propose that men scoring higher in precarious manhood beliefs (PMB) express amusement with sexist and anti-gay humor (but not other forms of humor) in response to masculinity threat in order to reaffirm their masculinity. Accordingly, Experiment 1 (166 heterosexual men in the United States recruited through Amazon.com’s Mechanical Turk) supported the hypothesis that men higher in PMB express greater amusement with sexist and anti-gay jokes after experiencing a threat to their masculinity but not in the absence of masculinity threat.

  • Expression
    1 year ago
    by timex
    +30 +1

    The man trap

    Nathan, a successful lawyer in Manhattan, hardly seems like a candidate for sympathy. His midtown office is smart, his suit is natty and he earns a decent living negotiating contracts and intellectual-property rights for players in the city’s dynamic entertainment industry. Divorced and in his late 40s, he speaks fondly of his teenage children and is delighted with his fiancée, whom he will marry in a few weeks’ time. His life is good, he assures me, and he is thriving in his career.

  • Current Event
    10 months ago
    by imokruok
    +33 +1

    The Sad, Lonely Men Behind America's Mass Shootings

    Is the U.S. finally ready to grapple with its toxic masculinity problem?

  • Expression
    10 months ago
    by AdelleChattre
    +14 +1

    How John Wayne Became a Hollow Masculine Icon

    The actor’s persona was inextricable from the culture of toxic Cold War machismo. By Stephen Metcalf.

  • Analysis
    8 months ago
    by rhingo
    +23 +1

    Men Resist Green Behavior as Un-Manly

    Women have long surpassed men in the arena of environmental action; across age groups and countries, females tend to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Compared to men, women litter less, recycle more, and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Some researchers have suggested that personality differences, such as women’s prioritization of altruism, may help to explain this gender gap in green behavior.