Where can I report other users

http://snapzu.com/LibertyPrime is spamming a snap with garbage comments to farm XP.

Besides the fact that she/he is trying to subvert the XP system this is polluting my feed and making it useless.

Where can I report him/her to prevent this kind of stuff.

7 years ago by jmcs with 7 comments

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  • teamsnapzu (edited 7 years ago)

    Hi, it seems that we have encountered another troll (we look at it as a good thing since it means the community is growing!) Our system is detecting this and automatically removing him and banning his IPs, however it's already happened twice in just under 1 hour and he's switching IPs. We will look into possibly be imposing some timed limitations for new accounts so this doesn't happen again. Sorry for your troubles!

    • ColonBowel

      timed limitations for new accounts

      I think this is a bad idea. This can make it so that very little new users would commit to this site.

    • CuppaMatt

      Maybe try making it so that new XP gain is capped daily/hourly so that gaming the system becomes less easy to do.

  • Muffintop

    I am trying to figure this out as well. My feed consists of numbers :/ Wont be long till he's back on voat ;)

  • Muffintop

    Just figured out this: You can click the arrow next to "2 minutes ago" and select block source snap. That should clean up your feed.

    • jmcs

      Thanks. I'll do that.

  • rti9

    Muffintop showed how to block a user, but is there a way to unblock in case we make a mistake? Is there a way to revert a "never show comments" command?

    While teamsnapzu removed the user, there is apparently still no way to report someone.

  • Fooferhill

    anyway to identify who it is we should watch for? User name? Time to get the all powerful down vote on the go.