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Tips and Links for New (and Old) Users

Welcome to Snapzu! I know it can be overwhelming at first. Thus, I have tried to gather here some tips and answers to the most-asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t addressed, or can think of anything at all that I’ve forgotten, please add it in the comments.

Helpful blog posts

Reputation & XP: A guide to Leveling on Snapzu
How to quickly and efficiently share links and media on Snapzu
Five Helpful Tips on Growing a Successful Tribe
Proper use of syntax for Markdown
Prologue--in case you missed it, take a minute to read in particular the section “Etiquette on posting & commenting.”


For a list of many of the most active tribes, visit the Tribe Index

You can find tribes on a specific subject by using the search feature: just click on the Tribes tab of the search results to see a list of tribes related to your search term.

You can check out many new tribes or share your own over at /t/newtribes
To talk about running a tribe, visit /t/chiefs
If you want to claim a tribe with an inactive chief, post at /t/reclaimtribe
If you are looking for a tribe in your areas of interest that needs a chief, try /t/chieflesstribes
If you have an idea for Snapzu, post it at /t/ideasforsnapzu
For conversations, check out /t/asksnapzu and /t/casualconversation as well as /t/lounge
For all the latest updates and news, follow /t/blog


Although the majority of the snaps here are links to web pages, they can be far, far more. For examples of what is possible, check out my Snapzine of original Snapzu content. Or play with some of the modules you’ll see on the snap creation page, and see what you are able to do with them.

Snaps without a cover image are not eligible to appear on the front page. Taking a minute to select an eye-catching and appropriate cover image will drastically increase the visibility of your snap.

When adding tags, you can use commas between the terms to enter them all at once, rather than having to click Add after each one.

You can edit both snaps and comments after posting them if you realize you have forgotten something or made a mistake. Thus, a quick review after hitting the “publish” or “post” button for muddled introductions, inadvertent typos, or other unintended mistakes might save you embarrassment or even downvotes.


The ways in which voting at Snapzu differs from voting at other sites are outlined in the Voting FAQ

When downvoting a snap, you will see a dropdown box asking for the reason. Please take a second to select the appropriate one. This lets the poster know why they are getting downvotes, and it lets the system know when someone is spamming so that appropriate action can be taken.

You can see why a snap has been downvoted by clicking on the down arrow. The most common reasons are “Blatant Spam” and “Self-serving (Breaking 10% sharing rule).” If you have come here for the sole purpose of promoting your own content, please be aware that spam is not welcome. Conversely, we can all do our part to keep spam off the site by downvoting it whenever we see it, with the appropriate reason noted.

Downvotes for reposting don’t count against your reputation score, but no one enjoys having something they just posted duplicated by someone else. Because so many websites use multiple URLs for the same article, you can’t count on the dupe detector to always let you know if you are reposting. After publishing a snap, take a look at the “other snaps you may like” at the bottom of the page, and it will often (but not always) show you if you have duplicated another snap.

Activity Feed

To the right of each item in your feed, you will see a down arrow. Clicking that brings up the options for blocking content of specific types or from specific users and tribes.

Your Feed Preferences (accessed by clicking the cog symbol on the feeds) also offer powerful tools for filtering what you see. In addition to choosing the types of activity you see in general, you can even choose the types of activity you see from individual users, for example if you want to see the snaps but not the comments of someone you are following.

The filters in the right-hand column (unfortunately not yet visible on mobile) also offer a myriad of ways for sorting content. For example, in the Activity Feed, to see just your own activity, click “Me.” To see just snaps, click “Snaps.” In the Tribes Feed, to see the activity in the tribes for which you are chief or moderator, click Chief.

If you are on a desktop or laptop and don’t see the right-hand column, try zooming out.

What Else?

What is your top tip for a new user, or even those of us who have been around awhile but are still finding new and better ways to use the site? Let us know in the comments.

1 year ago by gladsdotter with 21 comments

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  • CrookedTale

    Nice. I see a Chieflesstribes tribe. I will have to have a look. Is there any rules to grabbing a chiefless tribe and trying to build it? If a new chief has a direction that is similar to the original direction but does have minor differences is there any rule to follow?

    • gladsdotter

      Only the rules that are specific to being the chief of any tribe, as far as I know. However, if you take a tribe with a lot of posts and declare that they are all inappropriate and remove them (for example, deciding that /t/pirates should be only about the Pittsburgh Pirates), you do run the risk of alienating other users.

      I do, however, know that some users have claimed tribes filled with spam for the sole purpose of clearing out the spam, and that is something for which I suspect most users would applaud you.

      • CrookedTale

        Ok. I noticed some cheifless tribes had posts which I don't think were relevant to the original direction of the tribe. The are either spam or off topic type posts. I don't think that all post should be deleted but some cleanup may be required.

  • CrookedTale

    Big tip: When doing a search toggle between "Newest" and "Relevant" . Someone had to teach me that because I was always frustrated with the search function. But that's just me, I am sure other people picked up on it early on.

    • gladsdotter

      Thank you for the reminder! I always search by Newest, and I surely miss some of the best snaps that way.

  • CrookedTale

    When adding tags, you can use commas between the terms to enter them all at once, rather than having to click Add after each one.

    You learn something new everyday.

  • sugartoad

    I found the best way to follow your first 20-30 people is to go into tribes and use the top users list. The bonus is that most of the time the people on these lists are active.

  • LacquerCritic

    I didn't even know Snapzu had a duplicate-link bot for catching reposts. I've personally found the search function to be really handy for this, actually - before I post a snap, I'll usually search a couple keywords. For example, with my latest snap about a chewing gum thief, I did a quick search of "gum" and "Markham" to see if anyone else had posted it. It takes less than a minute.

    • gladsdotter

      That's exactly what I do, especially for current event snaps, when there can be hundreds of different news articles on the same topic.

  • CrookedTale

    I do want to say something about the 10% rule. This is only my thoughts on it and only has to do with the tribes I am the chief of also. I personally love the 10% rule Snapzu has but if you do have content that is relevant to the discussion or direction of the tribe I would love to see it. The exception is making a lot of spammy posts asking us to go to your blog or promoting your latest mix tape (which is currently on fiiiirrrre!) or trying to get me to buy something, no one likes that. Be respectful of the rule but don't let the rule deter you from posting something that may be insightful and relevant. Again I am just talking about the tribes I run, other chiefs might have different rules.

    • AdelleChattre (edited 1 year ago)

      Be respectful of the rule but don't let the rule deter you from posting something that may be insightful and relevant.

      It’s likely worth pointing out the 10% rule is meant to keep out users that want only to promote themselves. It ought not keep people from posting a lot of what they’re into, or a ton of great stuff all from along some rich seam they’ve found, like you have.

      I think it’s not only a rule worth having, I think it’s worth holding people to. How many accounts are there here like /u/nowsourcing? They’re several hundred spam posts in.

      Sometimes, their obvious-at-a-glance spam is published into tribes that could’ve been relevant to the marketing pitches they’re posting. The infographics at the core of this spam effort are sometimes nice, but are always marketing spam. If you never actually looked at their stuff, you might even glance at it and think you’d vote that up. Some of their snaps show that kind of reflexive support. Sometimes they get a surprising number of upvotes — right alongside the steady, carefully qualified downvotes they also get as blatant, self-serving, self-obvious spam.

      That user may be completely automated. There may be some feature for spamming Snapzu in an obscure SEO package somewhere, and that’s what this user is. Who this seemingly day-to-day participant in these tribes is. They aren’t noticing their steady drumbeat of downvotes, because they’re not here. That’s what the 10% rule is for, and why it ought to be enforced. How much is that user making for every hour of our time we spend marking down the reasons for their downvotes? Is it worth it to them? To us?

      • gladsdotter

        Then there are the users who delete snaps as soon as they have downvotes, thus destroying the evidence of spamming, before posting a new snap to the same website and thus driving yet more traffic to it. Or the people who rapid-fire post nine carelessly put together snaps before each snap from their own website, just so they meet the letter of the 10 percent rule. It might not be immediately obvious that they are spamming, but their primary intent is to promote their own content. A good rule of thumb when you see a snap with a downvote for spamming is to ask yourself why that user is being perceived as a spammer before upvoting their content.

      • CrookedTale

        Agreed! I see the auto accounts here and have some subscribed to me. I don't know why they would do that, I am not SEO material. I just want to make sure new users don't feel they can't add their content, in a respectful way, because they feel they are spamming. I think it may be a fine line for new users to understand. It has happened and I hope that we all can differentiate between spam and relevant content. Real spammers don't know the meaning of Relevant and I wish they would learn because they can create a mess and that type of content is not appreciated.

        • AdelleChattre

          They follow you, as a recent submitter, automatically when their accounts are created. Not that /u/buzzvertising, /u/heliossolutions or /u/republicmoving aren’t into you. How could they not be, right? Just look at you. Deck swagger like that? C’mon!

          • CrookedTale

            So what you are saying is that it is my vanity that makes me believe that there is a Pyramid Scheme Manager in Lithuania yelling at his subordinates saying "Someone please contact the Pirate! If we get him our swindling will increase 85% for 2016! Some one contact him right away! Our livelihood depends on it! " ? It's automatic? I'm up to like six or sever followers :( I'm crushed.

            Well at least I have Jim from the IRS leaving me telephone messages saying "This is the last time we are to be calling you. If you do not responding to this message it will being a federal offense!". I would answer the phone but I am afraid I would scare him off. His voice is soooo soothing.

  • sugartoad

    I recently figured out what that number next to the votes is on posts displayed within tribes. As far as I know -- the number on the left is the complete score of the post, and the number on the right is the score for the post in the context of just that tribe. Clicking on the number will also bring up a window that displays the origin of all the votes that were made. The only mystery remaining is that adding up all of the up votes from all of the tribes and other areas does not equal the number on the left. Any ideas?

    • jcscher

      if you vote for a snap and then vote for that snap in a tribe it is posted in,it still only counts as one vote to the snap total. You can vote for a snap in a tribe and it will add to the total of the snap,but you only get one vote that will show up on the total. This is why adding all the votes does not add up.

      • spacepopper

        What is the Front Page Score (FPS)?

        The front page score is a total score for a particular snap that is used in displaying it on the front page in a specific order. The higher the FPS, the bigger the area that will be devoted to that snap. The FPS is collected from votes placed in each tribe submitted to, and other areas of Snapzu. Each user can only affect a snap's FPS by +1, or -1, even if voting on the same snap from multiple tribes or sources.

        Looks like you're right. The first score is FPS and second score is "multiple tribes or sources".

  • CrookedTale

    Analysis: Five Helpful Tips on Growing a Successful Tribe

    Make a good first impression
    Oh! eek Welp I can honestly say I made an Impression. No turning back now.

    Describe your tribe and be clear with the rules
    Good to go!

    Share your tribe with like-minded people
    That's gonna be hard unless we get a large influx of Lunatic Pirates with the attention span of ferrets at Sanpzu.

    Engage with members by sharing content and starting discussions
    Goood toooo go! I engage people. Whether they like it or not.

    Hand pick a loyal team of moderators
    Welp the tribes have to grow before that so I got time to figure out who I can trust with my precious, stolen, content.

    2 out of 5 aint that bad! I am off to a good start!!!