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  • Analysis
    4 years ago
    by iogames
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    Have you been searching for an interesting virtual puzzle with many features? Then the extraordinary game “Hextris io” for you. You have a huge field for activities here, which at first is easy and confused. Undoubtedly, you will understand the rules in time, especially if you played in the old good Tetris. Fun in its essence reminds once a popular toy, but is more elaborate, improved and with improved graphics. After running the application, a bright polygon appears before you, which you will manage to succeed. Above, as usual, will be falling elements of a variety of shapes, which you will mellow into a holistic picture. But you can not

  • Question
    4 years ago
    by Maternitus
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    Linux and Android

  • How-to
    5 years ago
    by ashleyrats
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    BackBox Installation on VirtualBox -

    BackBox is not just an OS, but also a great tool for penetration testers. It is fully Ubuntu based but has a greater interface and has more number of tools.