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[Meta / This Tribe] It Would be Useful to Have a List of Preferred [Text Tags] in the Sidebar Rules

This is a really useful tribe, and I think both the users and the site will get a lot out of it. I noticed a large number of posts with various square bracket tags in the titles. Actual category tags appear to be encouraged in the rules, but there doesn't seem to be a list of suggested text tags anywhere. It might be handy to have a quick list of the main tags people should use (not necessarily strict), so the same tags appear regularly and it's quicker to browse the list.

For instance, a list of something like:

  • [User Feature]
  • [Tribe Feature]
  • [Site Functionality]
  • [Site Rules]
  • [Promotional]
  • [Meta]
  • etc.

Not the most important suggestion in the world, but I think it could be useful.

Edit: Unless, of course, this is just something users started doing and it's not the plan the chief/mods had.

3 years ago by imnotgoats with 8 comments

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  • jarekb84

    The tagging-suggestion-titles sticky in this tribes goes over the suggested tag titles, but it would probably stand out more in the sidebar. Great and easy to implement feature!

    • imnotgoats (edited 3 years ago)

      Aha! Case in point - I completely missed this sticky. Thanks.

      Maybe 'more prominent stickies' should be a suggestion! ;)

      Edit: just to confirm, it would seem I am pretty blind.

      • jarekb84

        They are pretty subtle for the importance they should carry. Go forth and suggest that!

        • imnotgoats

          Yeah. I made two suggestions in around ten minutes. I may leave it a short while so I don't seem crazy. ;)

          • jarekb84

            Looks like your suggestion brought down the site for a few minutes.

  • ObiWanShinobi

    Hello! I'm sorry it took so long to see this post, but your suggestion has been implemented!

    • imnotgoats

      Lovely! Please don't feel the need to apologise.

      Thanks - looks good!