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  • Current Event
    1 year ago
    by geoleo
    +29 +1

    The drug that is starving Yemen

    YEMEN is on the brink of famine, say aid agencies, which often blame the civil war, Saudi Arabia’s blockade of northern seaports and its bombing of vital infrastructure. The government’s refusal to pay salaries to employees in rebel-held areas and the depreciation of Yemen’s riyal mean many cannot afford the food that is available. But one of the biggest causes of hunger often goes unmentioned: a leafy plant called qat.

  • Current Event
    1 year ago
    by geoleo
    +11 +1

    Women Survive Crises Better Than Men

    Women today tend to live longer than men almost everywhere worldwide -- in some countries by more than a decade. Now, three centuries of historical records show that women don’t just outlive men in normal times: They’re more likely to survive even in the worst of circumstances, such as famines and epidemics, researchers report.

  • Expression
    11 months ago
    by AdelleChattre
    +15 +1

    Death by Dining: An Unbalanced Day’s Breakfast

    “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments” – Bethenny Frankel. By Aaron Dabbah.

  • Image
    11 months ago
    by jcscher
    +37 +1

    Mad Max Violence Stalks Venezuela's Lawless Roads

    It's midnight on one of the most dangerous roads in Latin America and Venezuelan trucker Humberto Aguilar hurtles through the darkness with 20 tons of vegetables freshly harvested from the Andes for sale in the capital Caracas.

  • Current Event
    6 months ago
    by ppp
    +14 +1

    How we got the images you weren't meant to see in Yemen

    As I arrived in Sana’a city late at night on June 6, the few working street lights cast a glow over the closed doors of shops, trash on the streets, and the earthen color of the buildings. All so familiar. Driving past the enormous Saleh Mosque — a major landmark in the capital — the sign now read “the people’s mosque” in Arabic. Yemen’s former, long-time dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, had turned against the Houthi rebels occupying this city in December and paid with his life. All visible reminders of him have been removed.

  • Current Event
    5 months ago
    by wildcard
    +19 +1

    North Korea warns of heatwave 'disaster'

    Citizens are urged to "join the struggle" to save precious crops from drought.

  • Current Event
    5 months ago
    by socialiguana
    +21 +1

    Lack of food pushes 2.3mn to flee Venezuela: UN

    About 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled their crisis-hit country mainly because of a lack of food as severe shortages of medicine has left thousands at risk, the UN spokesman said Tuesday. The Venezuelans have fled to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. "People cite the lack of food as their main reason for leaving," said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric. About 1.3 million Venezuelans are suffering from malnourishment.

  • Current Event
    3 months ago
    by geoleo
    +2 +1

    On brink of 'worst famine in 100 years'

    The United Nations is warning that 13 million people in Yemen are facing starvation. It's calling on the military coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, to halt air strikes which are killing civilians, and contributing to what the UN says could become "the worst famine in the world in 100 years". Yemen's civil war began three years ago, when Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, seized much of the country, including the capital Sanaa.