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  • Current Event
    2 years ago
    by Chubros
    +34 +1

    CSGO Lotto and owners sued over ‘illegal gambling’ allegations

    Yesterday Trevor "Tmartn" Martin was snuggling with his dog and apologizing in a YouTube video about his CSGO Lotto ownership; today, he, the gambling site and his business partner are being sued. In an amended complaint filed today in the Southern District of Florida, CSGO Lotto, Martin and Thomas Cassell have been added to one of two complaints filed against Valve Corporation in the past few weeks.

  • Current Event
    2 years ago
    by larylin
    +1 +1

    Nick Xenophon calls for first-person shooter video games to be defined as gambling

    In what could prove a world first, an Australian politician is seeking to have games such as the hugely popular Counter-Strike series defined in law as gambling. Nick Xenophon, the independent senator for South Australia, on Sunday announced a bid to have multiplayer first-person shooter games defined as gambling in an update to the current Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. “This is the Wild West of online gambling that is actually targeting kids,” Xenophon told Fairfax Media.

  • Current Event
    1 year ago
    by geoleo
    +12 +1

    It Is Time That We Start Calling Loot Boxes Slot Machines

    We clearly live in a world where gambling is regulated by laws in every single country but, for some crazy reason, it is not regulated in the gaming industry. The gaming industry is flooded with loot boxes that are presented as something fun. You invest a small amount of money to open a box, the box will contain something that is insanely valuable or something that has zero value whatsoever. The latter outcome is more probable. Sounds familiar?