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  • Current Event
    12 days ago
    by zobo
    +2 +1

    EA partially blames weak Battlefield V sales on prioritizing a campaign over battle royale

    Electronic Arts is disappointed in the third quarter of its 2019 fiscal year. In a release to investors, EA says it didn't perform to expectations and that it didn't execute on strategies like it expected to, especially compared to what has happened elsewhere in the video game industry.

  • Current Event
    11 months ago
    by bradd
    +9 +1

    Battlefield is returning to World War 2 with Battlefield V

    Get ready for an explosive lesson about history. As we already know, this year we're getting another Battlefield game, and it seems it will follow Call of Duty back to the World War 2. According to several anonymous sources, a new title in this FPS series will be called Battlefield V. However, it is stated that the game was internally called Battlefield 2, suggesting that it is indeed a sequel to Battlefield 1.

  • Current Event
    5 months ago
    by ubthejudge
    +11 +1

    An Update on Battlefield V

    Today, we’re announcing that Battlefield V will have a new launch date – November 20, 2018. I wanted to give you a little bit of insight into how we arrived at this new date. Over the summer, we’ve had tens of thousands of players get their hands on the game during our Closed Alphas and at E3 and Gamescom – where we were honored to receive the awards for Best Multiplayer Game at both shows.

  • Current Event
    3 months ago
    by dianep
    +8 +1

    Battlefield V: Launch is Just the Beginning

    With eight maps set in frozen landscapes, desert heat, and everything in between, eight exciting game modes, single-player War Stories, outstanding gunplay, a wide arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, progression, customization, Specializations for weapons and vehicles, and much more – you’ll have tons to do at the November 20 launch of Battlefield™ V.