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What are your favorite Android apps?

I go to android forums and sites a lot. Every month they have their round up of the best app list and it's always the same list 20 other sites have listed the last 5 years. Completely worthless. What are some good apps, free or paid, that are your favorite? Everyone uses their smartphone different, it would be interesting to find new apps by real people. A few of mine: 1. Nova Launcher - I have the paid but the free is pretty good 2. Scanner Radio - Police scanner 3. 1Weather - weather app with a good widget 4. UnblockMe - Game 5. FileManager - easier to find everything when an sd card is installed 6. Extreme Call Blocker - Lot of options over stock blacklisting 7. My Alarm Clock and Timely - both good alarm clocks 8. Zedge - Ringtones, wallpapers, etc 9. Office Lens - good scanner to pdf app 10. MX Player - VLC doesn't seem ready for android

9 months ago by elemental with 5 comments

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  • Project2501

    Ingress - Pokemon Go with scifi twist

    Spaceteam - co-op game that is lots of shouting

    Beat Hazard - 2D space shooter set to your music

    CPU Tuner - Like how it has worked

    SD Maid - closest thing to bleachbit on my mobile

    DroidEdit - how I take notes, make text files

    DICE Player - my equivalent to VLC for video

    GameBoid - if you're into GBA roms

    Moon+ Reader - night mode book reader

    Firefox - say what you will about the browser, mozilla, it does provide extensions on mobile.

    And that's ignoring the Google suite of maps/drive/mail/translate/youtube, or the fact that I have ignored, but keep apps like titanium backup/superuser/sshtunnel. One thing that I keep, but has pretty much fallen out of style is something called Serval Mesh, and that was when mesh networks were the next best thing in tech.

  • OL44893

    Clearly I do not use my phone to its full potential... And I doubt any of these are of use to you (but it's coffee time and I'm a little bit bored). My top-5 +2 would be

    (1) Weather Underground -- weather here changes by the hour...

    (2) GeoNet - I live in earthquake country sooo...

    (3) LastPass - one password to rule them all...

    (4) Cinnamon - hey, gotta keep up with the grocery list somehow right?

    (5) Nike+ Run Club - clock those km's!

    (6) Waze - traffic can be a nightmare, I always need to know the side routes.

    (7) Neko Atsume - cute cats, duh.

  • canuck

    Google Maps, FB Messenger, Google Hangouts, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Weather Network, and The Score.

  • Mtat (edited 9 months ago)

    Wifi analyzer, Noise (sound noise level meter)

  • ttubravesrock

    Amazon Music

    Amazon Kindle

    Geo Tracker - GPS that gives a nice line on a map for where all you went.

    MLB Manager 2016 - Baseball Sim that isn't as good as OOTP, but its by the same people.

    MLB At Bat - I have an audio subscription.

    Gmail - I actually don't use the app for my gmail account, but it's one of the only free apps that handles my work email (Exchange) adequately.

    DatPiff - for downloading mixtapes that I can mix in with my Amazon music library.

    BeyondPod - I have no idea if it's the best podcast app, but it's what a friend installed on my phone for me to force me to start listening to podcasts.

    Some board game ports: Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, and Ascension