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Have you ever been Pepper Sprayed? If so, would you repeat the reason for being sprayed?

The reason I'm asking is I take care of a building for retiree's and handicapped. I'm there alone most of the time. Last week a residents boyfriend returned. He was told last year to stay off the property because he broke out her window. He's returned at least 5 other times and busted her car window out on one occasion. This time I was there and one of the residents told me he was trying to get past the security doors. He is smaller than me and I didn't want to physically hurt him so on my way out I grabbed this tiny vile of pepper spray I had found in the community room a long time ago. I get outside and he comes running down the sidewalk at me. I told him twice to stop but he kept coming. I've never used pepper spray before, I thought it would shoot out like a fog. Hell no, this was a powerful full stream and I hit him right in the eyes. He immediately buckled over and started yelling "oh god, oh god". I told him politely he had to leave the property which he wouldn't so i kicked him across he parking lot into the bushes. There he crawled through the bushes and pulled himself up the embankment. I was on the phone with the police the entire time. They showed up and called an ambulance for him. He pissed them off so they gave him water to spread it around more.

So, is pepper spray something you would never want to experience a second time?

1 year ago by elemental

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