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Hey Americans, what's your tax filing status on this April 15th, 2016?

How many of us are last-minute filers, how many are early, or somewhere in between?

I file as soon as I get the last piece of tax info. This year I filed the second week of February and got my $1500 back in Feb and Mar (state and fed).

1 year ago by nebraska with 8 comments

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  • FivesandSevens

    Filed and paid in early March - unusually late for me.

    • nebraska

      Perhaps next year you can slack off. Live in the danger zone.

      • FivesandSevens

        Hehe. That would be nice, but when I owe I like to pay quickly so I don't spend that money on something else, and when I'm owed a return I always need it asap to pay for something else! Someday I'll be able to afford to let it wait until April - I hope.

  • ttubravesrock

    I got my W2s on 1/20 and filed on 1/20.

    • nebraska

      Uncle Sam finds your efficiency disturbing.

  • OL44893

    Ugh, I usually try and get it going mid-March. But really, i don't get any of it done until first week in April. I'm a slacker.

  • nebraska

    Additionally, do you find doing them online encourages you to file sooner?

    I've been using Intuit for a few years and I usually get through it in one sitting, on a lazy afternoon. I used to hesitate back in the days when we picked up forms at the Post Office. Don't know why, but the online filing helps.