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Delhi NCR Metro App - A Preview Of Your True Commuting Partner

In case, you find it difficult to get Delhi metro route related information, download Delhi NCR metro app to remain aware of all the updates.

  • Delhi Metro App Delhi Metro App
  • Commuting from one corner of the capital to the other is a lot tedious and time consuming if you choose to travel through roads. But there is another impressive option in the form of Delhi Metro that makes travelling much more convenient. People who are already residing in the capital are, of course, aware of the route and the timings of Delhi Metro but for those who do not have the information can download Delhi metro app on their smartphones.

    Whether it is about the timings of Delhi metro or getting information on the schedule, the app makes it easy to gather all the required updates. The app also features a full-fledged metro app with all the details on the specific routes. These routes have been highlighted by different colors to make it easy for commuters to know the specific routes.

    Talking about the features this metro app has for the users, we must say it is a delightful offering. Here is a brief on the features of the app.

    1) Searching Routes

    Route search feature is not only about searching for the routes of metro trains on different lines but also getting some additional information along. While you enter two different destinations to get required information, you will also get the info of the fare along with all the alternative routes (if any available).

    2) Sort by Time, Sort By Fare Feature

    This specific search is for getting displayed information on multiple possible paths. Sort by time gets you metro train schedule sorted on the basis of time and sort by fare offers the information on Delhi metro fare. Thus, even a first-time user can get every bit of information related to Delhi metro app.

    3) Feeder Bus Service Information

    Among a number of offerings that Delhi metro app has for the users, one absolute offering is information on feeder buses that run from particular metro stations. These buses are owned and managed by the Delhi metro and thus users can easily commute from certain metro stations.

    4) List Of Important Places

    Delhi has a bunch of world renowned places and Delhi metro app makes it easy to reach to these locations. The app also gives information on all these spaces including names of famous tourist sites, religious spots, and hospitals. The app also shows nearby cab availability so that users could book the same as soon as they come out of the metro premises.

    5) Finding Route

    In order to find destination details of two different points, the users could enter the two different destination to get the details. The stations can be chosen just by tapping on the map (any specific location). It makes searching convenient for users who are using the app for all the required details on the Delhi metro and time schedule.

    6) Why Download This App?

    Won’t it get easier for you to have details of the metro with just a tap on Delhi NCR metro app? It will, of course, save your time and additional efforts that you would need to make otherwise. And when you are getting the Delhi Metro app for Android free of cost, why not give it a try to test the app yourself?

    Offerings like Delhi metro for iOS users are developed just to make commuting easy for people traveling through metro. Having advanced information on your travel details cut short the time you might waste to search the train that goes to your destination. Hence, download the Delhi metro app once and watch yourself the list of gargantuan offerings it has for you.

  • Download Delhi Metro App for iOS Devices

  • Delhi-NCR Metro App Official website - https://www.delhincrmetro.com/


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