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Published 8 months ago with 0 Comments

Up-and-Coming Fashion Tips for Men

Here are a few trending fashion tips to get you started

  • Here are a few trending fashion tips to get you started

    Most of us don’t think about body image and self-esteem when it comes to men. We’ve sort of sectioned that set of issues off for women. And while it’s true that women statistically are more prone to tie how they look to their self-worth, men are not exempt.

    But clothing is also a big part of how you present yourself to the world. Like it or not, you are judged by what you wear every day. And men who dress professionally are often treated with more respect in business situations.

    Clothing shapes how you think. Grooming and dressing nicely is even thought to enhance your abstract thinking abilities. And men who care about how they look are often better performers at work, and better communicators in general. In case this has caught your attention, here are a few trending fashion tips to get you started.

    Tailoring is back

    Tighter fits and tapered lines seem to be hitting the runways lately. And after a few years of flowing fabrics and looser styles, it’s nice to see them back in the mix. Pinstripes, vests, and wide-legged pants are all part of this polished look. And you won’t have to shop Dior or Barney’s to pick up this trend — most major department stores are following suit.

    Bare chests

    If the tailored suit doesn’t fit your style, you’ll be happy to know that there’s also a more casual take on it hitting the streets. Wearing a suit without a shirt and an open jacket is huge for spring and summer this year. The look is mostly worn with pastels and neutrals. You can also get by with a much looser fit with this style. Tasteful accessories Men are sometimes afraid to accessorize when they’ve never done much of it. But accessories can define an ensemble or change it up entirely. If you’re attending a formal event in a three-piece suit, a watch and a ring are probably all the jewelry you need. But if you’re out for a night on the town, Play Hard Look Dope has some excellent choices for natural jewelry that pair perfectly with casual looks. The keys to accessorizing are to wear what makes you feel good and do it with confidence.


    Colors are a little bit wilder this year, for the most part. Rather than just subdued shades of tan, designers are venturing into hues of fuchsia, mustard, and lime. But even bigger on the market is sage green. You’ll find anything from casual sweaters to formal overcoats in this shade almost anywhere you shop this year. Cuban collars You’ve probably seen these collars on bowlers and barbers. But that’s one of the appealing qualities of the trend. Originally making the US their home in the 1900s, these collars were first designed as easy-to-sew garments for working class men. But they were revived again in the 50s in a big way, and that’s where they get their charm. Back then, they came in only a couple of solid colors. But today, you’ll find them in any color and pattern you can imagine. And the fabric has strayed from only cotton to linen or cotton blends.

    Skate wear

    Did this trend ever go away? We’re not sure, but it seems to be emerging even stronger this year with tie-dyed shirts and twill trousers. You’ll also find elements of various work uniforms in the style, such as army jackets or even mechanics’ shirts. And no skater look is complete without a hoodie adorned with your favorite logo.


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