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How a stored pressure fire extinguisher must be serviced

Fire extinguishers are a must not only for industrial commercial building but also institutes and residential buildings. They serve as a great solution when a fire breaks out in your homes, business places and institutes.

  • For that reason it is important that your fire extinguisher is working fine and there are no issues with it. You have to make sure that it is completely serviced in case any emergency arises. Not giving proper attention to your fire extinguisher can put you in unwanted situation when any emergency arises. That is why fire extinguisher servicing is very important. elow we are going to discuss how a fire extinguisher should be serviced.

    There are two types of servicing of fire extinguisher, first of the two are

    Basic servicing Your fire extinguisher must be serviced at least once a year; it must be checked for any damages and rustiness. You should always start with the inspection visually, and then you must check that the pin and seal are in place. Check if the instructions are clearly visible and are given according to the accepted standard. Further moving on you must check the hose by discharging it to check if it is clear and there are no blockages. The weight of the extinguisher must be checked to see if there is any weight loss (10-15% would suggest a recharge is required). All this must be carried out by a qualified engineer with proper skills.

    Advanced servicing After a period of 4-5 years your extinguisher requires a more detailed examination of the chemical based extinguishers such as soap, water, powder and foam, to figure what level of servicing is required and subsequent recharging. The extinguisher must be discharged before starting the service to. Second the head cap must be unscrewed very carefully to inspect if any removable material needs servicing or if any part is damaged and deemed unserviceable. Later you must check the body internally to find any present signs of corrosion and rustiness, if that is ok then you must rinse the extinguisher with water (this is only for water based extinguishers). Moving on you must replace all the O-rings or seals and then refill the extinguisher. Once you have refilled then replace the head cap carefully and re-pressurize the extinguisher to finish the fire extinguisher servicing. Place the extinguisher carefully on the wall after checking that the brackets in place are fine and not damaged.

    How often an extinguisher must be inspected Fire extinguisher service is recommended to be carried out by qualified professionals in order to maintain the right safety requirements and to comply with the safety regulation placed by the concerned authority in New Zealand. The extinguisher must be inspected after every six month interval which is for basic servicing of the extinguisher. Followed by an advance service of fire extinguisher which is carried out after every 3, 4 or 5 year where the extinguisher goes through complete servicing and is refilled and re-pressurized as mentioned above. The readings taken after the service must be recorded on the label and the chemicals with which it is filled, their specifications and uses must also be mentioned on the extinguisher.


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