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Published 9 months ago with 0 Comments

Living in Luxury: Three Reasons To Move To Miami Design District ASAP

Unleash your creative side and check out the best places in the Miami Design District, which could be at a walking distance when you move there.

  • If you’re one of those people whose ideal neighborhood is one where great shops, plenty of dining options, art and architecture is at a walking distance, then Miami Design District has got you covered. Situated north of Midtown in Miami, Florida, the Design District boasts of a hundred art galleries, showrooms, eateries, and bars. With the Institute of Contemporary Art being one of Design District’s premier art museum that offers year-round free admission and open access to the most innovative contemporary art, Miami Design District is the perfect place to live for anyone who needs to let their creative juices flow.

    Art and Architecture If paying a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art doesn’t give you enough inspiration yet, then the Design District Art Walk certainly will! Held every 2nd Saturday of the month, you can see walls upon walls of new and inspiring artwork. Walk through the streets and visit the many art spaces, retail stores, antique shops, food trucks and listen to live music. If you are looking for brand new Instagram-worthy photos every month, then the Design District Art Walk’s open-air street art will have your phone’s memory space filled up in no time.

    And the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re done taking part in the Art Walk and you are still looking for exquisite photos that you can share with your followers every day, the retail spaces in the Design District feature stunning architectural designs that will have your jaw dropping to the floor. Even if window shopping is all you can do for now, at least the picturesque buildings of the Miami Design District will make you feel like you are living in luxury.

    Shopping Mecca Whether you’re into high-end fashion or prefer to shop at indie fashion stores, Miami Design District never disappoints. With luxury retailers such as Balenciaga, Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Christian Louboutin among others, the Design District is home to world class designer boutiques where you certainly won’t run out of shopping options. Are you looking for a store that features unique pieces? There are rows and rows of retail stores in the neighborhood that are waiting for shoppers. Whether you’re looking for a fine jewelry, home decor, clothing and accessories, the Miami Design District is the place to find hidden treasures.

    Real Estate Aside from the luxurious shopping boutiques and picturesque landscapes, it is the Design District neighborhood that will ultimately draw you into town. An exclusive Miami real estate agent like the ones at Midtown Miami Group can help you find the home or condo of your dreams that fits your lifestyle perfectly! Ready to move in? Call Midtown Miami Group at 305-608-7225 now or simply fill out the form at their website for a free consultation today.


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