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Published 3 years ago with 0 Comments

I had an epiphany and had to share! Hopefully it's not too off topic.

  • I realized something big the other day and decided to write about it. I'm interested to hear your guys' opinions, and especially if you've had similar experiences! Anyways I'll copy it below:

    Idea: The Key to Social Success

    Well it might not be the one-and-only key, but I believe one path that could lead some people to social success lies in teaching yourself that interactions with other people can be truly real and do not need to be controlled by any set of rules. I base this idea on personal experience and some intense though.

    The basic idea is this: Many people in the world have some sort of challenge socially. Some of these people’s issues may stem from a state of mind that is out of sync with reality. What I mean by “out of sync” is the presence of learned thought-patterns that lead to untrue conclusions — learned “truths” that are simply based on false logic. In this case, the false truth is believing that conversations and connections with other humans are mostly fake or “put on”.

    But the truth is that, if you let yourself, you can create strong and emotionally satisfying connections with other people. (Catch: the person on the other side must be willing too.) Yes, real connections that have meaningful meanings! It won’t be easy to re-train yourself. I’ll admit, I’m not a psychologist by any stretch of the imagination, but I know some basics. One of them is that habits are hard to break. But have an open mind, set some time aside to seriously think about how you view the world, and you'll be heading in the right direction.


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